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As stated in the or Cf2C V, being the kind of guy who finds spots in the sun, here I’ll locate, magnify, expose and publish the warts on Hermannstadt’s Son’s face as well. Let’s shine some light on his shortcomings.

Klaus Iohannis celebrating: I now invite you all to cum zusammen and make a German Scheise movie together. You can scream in Romanian as well, we'll double and triple you. Genau?Considering how popular Iohannis is and how many people voted for him, force-convincing themselves in the process that he is perfect, this article will be rather unpopular, but nonetheless necessary, particularly in the honeymoon phase. By that I'm referring to the immediate post-election period when people, having gone over the emotional “activation energy” necessary to vote, have convinced themselves that the person they voted for is the best, there is nothing the candidate could do wrong and everything is perfect; any negative impressions or facts are discarded, news is absorbed selectively, and even a Nobel Prize for Peace given to a war-mongering child-killer-by-drones does not seem to be an exaggeration.

Before delving into what’s not good, let’s see what is good.

  1. He’s not Ponta. That’s a good thing, and one it is hard to argue with. Whereas Ponta is an empty silhouette of a manScaramouch, Scaramouch etc., Iohannis tries to emphasize his “substance.”
  2. He’s not very talkative and rather slow – not bad, since even Basescu had a little speech impediment.
  3. He tries at least to be personable. See, for instance, minute 18:00 from the 2nd part (on Johannis) of the Digi24 documentary (link in Cf2C V). The dialogue in the factory goes like this. 
    1. J: Dvs aveti familie?
    2. w: Bineinteles ca am familie!
    3. J: Va descurcati?
    4. w: Nu prea.
    5. J: Nu prea, asa-i?
  4. Este totusi eine kleine Messiah: "Klaus este prescurtarea de la Nicholaus, care stim ca vine din greaca: "nico" e victorie, apoi "layos" este popor, dupa care Werner este un derivat de la un vechi verb germanic "weiren" - a apara, iar numele Iohann vie din greaca, "iohanes" si, mai departe, din ebraica, insemnind "harul lui Dumnezeu", a spus lectorul dr. Orlando Balas, Universitatea din Oradea.
  5. He’s very self-confident, almost clairvoyant, predicting in October that he will win the presidency and Ponta’s political life will end November 16. (So did Alin Teodorescu back in May.) He echoed that [updated] prediction after winning: “We [PNL, the Liberals] wish to take over the Power, in 2016 at the latest.”
  6. He’s slightly more experienced and less virginal than Emil Constantinescu (the university prof who came from the left side to win on a wave of public support and ended up doing nothing and whom I’ve mentioned in the dream with crabs and bosses, the Constantinescian dilemma, and Iliescu, money and eggs).

And there’s more, but this article, being rather sensitive from all perspectives, it’s better left mostly protected. I might move out of encryption some of it, when I get more time.

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