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Aflam dintr-un ziar indian (1) dar si de la hotnews.ro ca moldovenii expulzeaza 2 diplomati romani si si-au chemat Lidia Gutu (ambasadoarea) inapoi.

tariceanu talking to voronin at a tableTariceanu a ciripit serios si grav:

"I regret the fact that, unlike the attitude of the Romanian authorities, which is one of cooperation and support of Moldova's European aspirations, the Moldovan authorities take such decisions."
Despre ce vorbeste Tariceanu, de fapt? Romania acorda ajutor economic si financiar nu numai Moldovei, dar pana si gagauzilor din reginea separatista (12).

Este greu sa intelegi un astfel de act. Pe de o parte, moldovenii sunt muscati de poponete de Putin care continua sa stranga surubul, in ciuda unor propuneri de autonomie pe care nu le-a acceptat, dar nici nu le-a respins (9). Voronin-ul din Moldova da insa semne de iritare si ostilitate fata de Romania de mult mai multa vreme, si deci asta nu-i nici o surpriza. Pe 8 Decembrie, FT.com publica urmatoarele (5) despre presedintele moldovan, veveretzul Voronin:

White-haired, ruddy-faced, the monotonous fluency of his speech betraying his earlier career as a Soviet Communist party apparatchik, Vladimir Voronin has the glint of political battle in his eyes. As he explained this week during a visit to Brussels, his adversary is Romania, the country that borders Moldova, of which he is president. Mr Voronin was Soviet Moldavia's interior minister in 1989 when the republic's communist authorities used force to disperse thousands of anti-Soviet demonstrators in Chisinau, the capital.

Now Moldavia is Moldova, an independent but poor and fragile country of 4.3m people, vulnerable to pressure from Russia and Romania, its more powerful neighbours. Mr Voronin, an ethnic Russian who became president in 2001, once pursued overtly pro-Russian policies. He adjusted his stance in 2003, largely because of Moscow's support for Trans Dnestr, a separatist region of eastern Moldova inhabited mainly by Russians and Ukrainians.

Comisarul Moldovan (14) isi transpira apoi ochii:
"Romania doesn't recognise our national identity. They don't recognise a Moldovan ethnicity or Moldovan language. For them, there is no Moldovan history," he told the Financial Times and two other reporters. "Our relations are really difficult now with Romania. We understand that Romania is a European Union and Nato member, and we cannot afford to make political attacks on Romania. But we've discussed this with our European friends."
FT.com ataca in continuare punctul sensibil al lui Voronin (politic vorbind, ca altele n-are):
The core of the issue is Moldovan identity. Many Romanians and foreign experts think there is practically no difference between a Romanian and a Moldovan in language and culture. In its World Factbook, the US Central Intelligence Agency, which has no particular axe to grind on this subject, lists Moldova's largest ethnic group as "Moldovan/Romanian, 78.2 per cent". In Mr Voronin's view, Romania went beyond acceptable limits last week when its ambassador to Moldova said Bucharest would not sign a treaty recognising today's Romanian-Moldovan frontier as delineated in a 1947 Soviet-Romanian accord. For Moldova's leaders, the implication was that Romania might one day lay claim to Moldovan territory. Mr Voronin said Romania was already undermining Mold-ovans' identity by encouraging them to acquire Romanian passports. However, asked if Romania might one day absorb Moldova, he strikes a defiant note. "No country has united with another one after joining the EU. "It can't be done. Moldova has existed for 650 years and will exist for at least another 6,500," he told Moldovan TV last week.
Ei, lasa Voro, nu fi trist, daca toata lumea te respinge, ai macar Google molduoviniesc, care chiar daca e mai sarac, avand numai "Web, Imagini, Grupuri si Director", macar exista. Ce n-as da sa avem si Google Toronto, sau Google High Park! Din pacate, Google.to te duce la Google Tonga, oferit de asemenea in Faka-Tonga (care are insa, chiar insula invizibila fiind, toate uneltele, inclusiv Blogger) .

In stiri conectate numai de bogata noastra imaginatie probabil, aflam de asemenea ca un Secret Service agent, Kevin L. Sandlin, attaché al ambasadei americane la Bucuresti pe probleme de fiscal frauds si cyber crime a avut un accident rutier (7). Cine stie, poate ca facea wardriving, sau poate pur si simplu era beat (8). Si uite-asa, ne-amintim de Teo Peter sau chiar Laura Stoica - partile vesele. Tin minte si azi cum saream prin casa pe "Carare peste timp", piesa care mi-a deschis gustul pentru rock.

Si iata ca desi Moldovenii nu ne vor, bulgarii ne invidiaza (4):

Why Romania is more successful than Bulgaria
Both Romania and Bulgaria have been EU members for almost a year now, but Romania has done far better than Bulgaria from an economic point of view. Bulgarian journalist Martin Karbovsky examines why: "One reason for the positive economic performance is that Romania's market is three times as large as Bulgaria's, and then there's the fact that it's closer to France. But other factors are no less important. At the beginning of the transition Romania adopted a much tougher stance towards the old political class. ... The violent confrontation between the Romanians and the Communists had left the latter without any illusions about being able to continue to rule the country. The Romanians didn't make the same mistake the Bulgarians made of changing the economic system without replacing the representatives of the old system."
Nu-i asa ca te simti mai bine? :) Dar, vorba ceea, uat camz up, mast cam daun. Anul care vine prognozele sunt mai bune pentru Bulgaria, in principal datorita unei performante mai bune vis-a-vis de inflatie (6).

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