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Dupa cum ma laudam in articolul anterior, am vorbit cu organizatorii Festivalului si m-am lamurit ce si cum si dau B.L.T. gratis. Si mai este un eveniment romanesc important care merita sustinut si anume concertul unui pianist. O parte din acest articol e-n engleza.

De fapt, nu era musai sa vorbesc cu ei, puteam gasi totul online, dar am simtit nevoia sa fac asta intrucat mai demult am discutat oferirea unui premiu Zamolxis in cadrul festivalului (adica sponsorizare babana), dar am abandonat fiindca mi s-a parut overkill. Si-am zas ca daca tot scriu pe tema asta, barem sa ma docomentez si sa prezantez fiecare film in parte. Si strivit de propriile-mi asteptari, mi-a luat prea mult timp sa completez opera. Festivalul incepe diseara, si eu tot n-am scris romanu’. Asa ca voi scrie pe scurt si-n engleza.

Unde mai pui ca intre timp a dat concert si Radu Lupu, adica ieri, si eu n-am zis nimic despre asta.

Toro(nto) Romanian Film Festival 2009 So, are you stuck with a date more boring than John Kerry on coffee? You have an awesome date, but would like some cultural variety to counterbalance the wild & krazy sexual acrobatics? TORO 2 da resq!

At its second edition, the Romanian Film Festival is becoming the one cultural experience you just gotta have around Valentine’s. It’s not just that Romanian movies have been winning awards at most major international film festivals in the past few years. They hail from a culture where change is le mot du jour – it’s brisk, amazing and breathtaking. As a filmmaker, you might make award-winning movies just by attaching a spy camera to an average Romanian’s ear. Life is there is simultaneously medievally serene, like a bitch, and histerically insane.

The film critics seem to love so much these movies, that the only ones criticizing the Romanian school of film seem to be its graduates, as you can see in this mini-debate.

The film festival takes place at the Bloor Cinema and at Innis College, which is at U of T one block from Robarts today (Friday) to Sunday. The last presentation of the day is shown at Bloor while the rest are shown at Innis. This opening night you can watch Boogie @ Bloor. On Saturday, you can watch a number of amazing shorts at 12 pm at Innis, followed by documentaries co-presented with the Hot Docs Int’l Documentary Film Festival. Sunday, the last day, some truly amazing Indie / Debut Features.

I plan to attend Boogie on Opening Night and the Shorts. And since I promised, I will be giving away free tickets to the first 20 people to leave a comment here then follow up with an email stating the movie they want to see and some distinctive feature (so that I can recognize you). I will then meet you at the door and give you the tickets. You have to do this at least 2 hours before the first movie of that particular day; that is also when I will be sending the confirmation email. There may be some movies I will not attend: in that case I will let you know in the confirmation email, and you will not be getting the free ticket. There’s only one ticket per person. So far, I’m pretty sure I’ll attend Boogie & the Shorts on Saturday.

Vizionare placuta!

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