Toronto: Crima in metrou si criza din spitale  

Thrown (Ţâpat) in ,

Povesteam nu demult despre criza sistemului de sanatate din Canada si in special din Ontario. Lipsa acuta de medici de familie se traduce in cozi la salile de urgenta. Si iata ca recent, un nene, suparat pe sistem a intrat intr-o statie de metrou si-a incercat sa omoare doi adolescenti.

Stirea este inca fierbinte azi, cand o scriu si ma inspaimanta cat de previzibila este si in ce hal au ajuns camerele de garda. Un individ suparat ca a asteptat 12 ore sa fie vazut de un doctor.

A intrat in statia de metrou, s-a certat cu controlorii, si ajuns pe peron, a dat un branci celor doi baieti, unul de 14 si cel de 15 ani. In mod miraculos, ambii au surpavietuit, cel de 15 pierzandu-si insa cateva degete de la picioare.

Toronto teens shoved onto subway tracks, dodge train

By Megan O'Toole, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 15, 2009

TORONTO - Two teenage boys pushed into the path of an oncoming subway train Friday afternoon managed to survive what police are calling a random attack by a distraught stranger.

Surprisingly, both of the boys, aged 14 and 15, escaped without critical injuries, despite being trapped by a train that sped into the station.

The 14-year-old was able to avoid the train's path by crawling under the platform, officials said. But the train crushed one of the other boy's feet as it charged past the teenagers before coming to a stop.

Police say it could have been much worse for the older boy, but his friend was able to yank him under the platform at the last minute, leaving only his foot exposed.

The 15-year-old had to be carried out of the station on a backboard, said Dave Viljak of Toronto Emergency Medical Services, and both teenagers were taken to hospital.

Neither suffered life-threatening physical injuries, but police said the 15- year-old lost a number of toes.

Viljak said the survival of both boys was extraordinary.

“When a subway train is coming at that speed, usually the citizen loses big- time,'' he said.

Police at the scene quickly apprehended Adenir DeOliveira, a 47-year-old suspect who had been chased down by onlookers. Authorities do not believe he knew the victims, and said it was unlikely DeOliveira intended to kill the boys, calling the incident ``completely random.''

“There doesn't seem to be any reason for it,'' Sgt. John Dubreuil said Friday night.

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross said DeOliveira was ``screaming and swearing'' and appeared agitated when he came up the stairs from the platform. Police said he attempted to assault a ticket collector and was initially held by TTC staff, but reportedly escaped after grappling with an employee.

Police were called to the scene at the Dufferin Street station in the city's west end shortly before 5 p.m., after receiving word that a man had pushed the boys onto the tracks from the eastbound platform.

Student Tom Billings said a group of people then followed the suspect down Dufferin Street to a mall, where the man stopped.

“He was angry. He was clearly in crisis,'' said Billings, noting he and others stayed near the man as they waited for police to arrive.

“He said he'd been waiting 12 hours to be seen at a hospital.''

The suspect did not resist arrest, Billings added.

DeOliveira is now facing three charges of attempted murder - a third youth was allegedly pushed but did not fall onto the tracks - and two counts of assault in relation to his scuffle with subway staff, police said.

Trains were shut down for about an hour on one transit line as police investigated. Shuttle buses were put into service to help ease the rush-hour commuter chaos.

National Post, with files from Michael McKiernan

Omul a-ncercat sa omoare un al treilea, dar acesta s-a ferit si nu a cazut..

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