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Am invitat niste pretenari la o seara de film, si cum am trimis invitatia nitel cam tarziu, m-am gandit s-o pun si-aici pentre cei care - ca si mine - isi citesc Reader-ul si Twitter-ul mai des decat email-ul.

First of all, please use Fname@Lname.namenet when sending me email, as the old one might stop functioning due to the recession I dont knowFrustratedFeeling beat up

For those wondering, the movie night at 7pm is still taking place. Sorry I did not follow up, I was caught up in other virtual identities and forgot to check / send my email. It's been a while since I used my 92-inch screen & surround sound, so..

What I'd like to watch is a Soviet movie. (Don’t know why, maybe it’s because my Russian ex-girlfriend read my “poem” and sent me a quick email.) Of the few in my collection (excluding Eisenstein's movies, which I doubt anyone wants to watch), two come to mind – they also turned up in my search, which is essential. Here are the choices:

  1. Moscow does not believe in tears. (1980, 8/10) Oscar for Best Foreign Movie
    I think I watched this movie when I was a kid. It's very long, like a novel by Tolstoievsky. It's on two DVD9s, which is rather odd for an older movie.
  2. Satra (Queen of the Gypsies) (1975, 7.6/10)
    I've probably watched this one as well as a kid, but don't remember much. It's based on Maxim Gorky's writings, adapted by Emil Loteanu. Here's a review from IMDB:
    it is simply the best gypsy movie, translating so well their thirst of freedom, for 'the road'...i saw it on TV as Les Tziganes s'en vont vers les cieux, in a children-family program, but i think it surpasses all the Kusturica-Gatlif spoofs depicting Gypsies. This one here depicts all the tragedy of the gypsy people, torn between materialism and freedom. The opening is a piece of anthology as the old sage predicts Zabor his near future and warns him : Don't trust any woman...and remember that freedom is the most important value...' And ahhh....Svetlana!!! so marvelous dancing and saying to Zabor : 'Don't look at me this way, it's forbidden...' To see for the pride, the height of the feelings, the friendship, the love, so pure....but leading to tragic endings in a gadjo world... a must for gypsy-movies lovers as much as Autrefois, nous étions des oiseaux, from Garri 
    ????? ?????? ? ???? (Soviet Union: Russian title)
    Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven
    Gypsy Camp Vanishes Into the Blue (UK)
    Queen of the Gypsies (USA)
  3. We could also watch any movie that's gotten an Oscar a few weeks ago, though I'm quite sure most of us have seen them already. If there's any such movie you'd really like to see instead of the Soviet ones, please call me ASAP. My phone & address in the sig.

If you live in Toronto and would like me to keep you posted in the future, please let me know.

More Info: Oscar winners 2009, yt

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