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Thrown (Ţâpat)

Alright, I plan to eventually translate the Romanian FAQ. In a nutshell, this is a personal blog of a Romanian immigrant. The emphasis is on self-expression and texts are published unpolished and with minimal proofreading. There's way too many articles started in Drafts to allow for all the necessary finishing touches.

This FAQ has evolved into two more specialized FAQ lists, as of yet incomplete: the Sponsorship and Advertising Terms and the General FAQ.

Originally started in Romanian, this blog evolved to being published almost exclusively in English as most of our sources of info are already in English and we find it increasingly difficult to translate. Furthermore, most of our Romanian-speaking readership is fluent in English, while our native English speakers/readers are less likely to read Romanian.

Historically, a traffic record was hit in 2009 by this blog when, for a week or so, there were almost 2000 “unique” visitors daily, as recorded by Google Analytics. Trafic.ro and Gtop.ro recorded only closer to 1500. Since then, traffic also decreased with decreasing article frequency.  The subscribers count (as reported by Feedburner) on the main feed went also as high as 600, while the PR was as high as 5 at one point, going back to 4 for most of this blog’s existence. When article frequency is 1-2/week, traffic is about 50 unique visitors / day, but it can go easily to 100 when frequency goes to 1/day. Traffic takes some penalty from having full feeds as well.

At the time of this update, we have never accepted a private sponsorship on this blog; we've run AdSense yet our earnings have always been far less than the costs incurred with the blog (domain + contests + prizes, w/o even including the opportunity cost of doing paid work instead of writing). We are nonetheless open to sponsorships, at very low prices, replacing AdSense but still following certain ethical principles such as full disclosure and "nofollow" linking, when appropriate. We will soon detail the sponsorship terms in a separate document.

We are currently using Disqus for comments and we currently have no reason to stop. We cannot provide support on using their platform, but you can obtain it from them on Twitter or their website, or even from BlogIdol. Though it may be possible to comment without using Disqus, such comments may not appear and may be lost. Also, please note that currently Disqus is set to withhold comments containing a link, because most of such comments are spam. If you would like to comment with a link back to your blog or website, you might want to create a Disqus profile and add that link to the profile. Frequent commentators have the ability to add links to their comments. There is also a list of words that might send your comment to the moderation queue.

We occasionally publish media bits before publishing the final article. When that happens, we create a URL to point to the final URL, which we update on publishing. Until publishing the main article, we make the URL point here, then update accordingly on publishing.

The blog navigation is in Romanian but quite intuitive. The most important tip to remember is that hovering with the mouse (i.e., placing the mouse over a link without actually clicking it) will almost always provide info about what hides there, with the exception of password protected content where you will just see a bunch of gibberish. Zamo Blog Interface, vertical

In the top menu, "Acasa" means "home" - the page with the latest few articles published. "Despre / FAQ" is an "About" page formatted as an FAQ in Romanian, with a link to this page in English. The word "SARI" on top of the search box at the top allows a Random jump to another article, while the search box allows searching this blog only; the search box at the bottom returns results mostly from other blogs. The greeting box in the topmost right corner can be closed by clicking the X in its topright corner. It also has a link under "format simplificat" for a more streamlined view of the blog. Most videos and documents in this blog open in the box with an image containing somewhere "Veni, Vidi, Vice"; there you can usually expand whatever is open to take over the whole screen by clicking a small square or [ ], if you so wish. Underneath, "Dosarele Secu" has the monthly archives of the blog, underneath there's the Top 10 most accessed articles in the last few days.
In the articles column, clicking on "Ţâpa" allows you to easily email the article to a friend. What follows are categories the article belongs to; clicking on any of them will display all the articles in that particular category.

Zamo Blog Interface, horizontal bottomThe categories are all displayed at the bottom of the page:

  • biserica – church
  • boroboata: mischief
  • concurs: contest
  • cultura: culture
  • dezbate: debate
  • discriminare - PC: discrimination / political correctness
  • ea / el: he / she
  • justitie - coruptie: justice – corruption
  • lucrand la fatada: working at the facade
  • munca - somaj - cariera: work - unemployment – career
  • protectia mediului: environmental protection
  • romi: gypsy / roma
  • sate: villages
  • vecini: neighbouring countries
  • vise - implinire - belsug: dreams - achievement - abundance

If you wish to donate, see the 10th answer in the Romanian version. Here's a currency conversion widget:

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You may contact us currently at z (at) zamo dot ca, though please bear in mind that the Romanian FAQ is the most current when it comes to contact info.

If you would like to get a password for any current article, you need to complete the form in the contact page, which can also be opened in a new page or over the logo at right.