A-naughty-a – unchecked checkbox 2  

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I had started back in 2008 with Radna and continued with an echo from DoR. Radna was not the only one and when, at a recent party, I met the brother of another such checkbox, the memories came rushing into my head. I shall call her Anaughtia.

yet another joke that needs explaining  

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As I was telling you, my sense of humour is a bit niche and, coupled with my allergy to inconsistency, it may result in comments some people may consider a "flame" or trolling. I may be turning in Fouad, the joke-explaining-Indian in Family Guy.

Boian – the village that crossed the ocean  

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A a couple of years before 1900, a Transylvanian village followed its lucky star West and moved to Alberta, in the Canadian prairies, where they (the villagers) each got a nice piece of land with quite a few strings attached.


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I have an almost Pavlovian reflex when it comes to inconsistent or illogical patterns. I've built-in expectation for things to turn out as they should, and when they don't, as it is often the case in life, alarm bells sound.

why blog  

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One question I keep getting on this blog despite having answered it more than once is why did I start it. Since I keep getting it, there's a good chance that the answers given so far have been unsatisfying (or invisible to the reader). So here's another attempt at an explanation especially now that even the Ontario Legislature has observed Romania’s National Day and BI thought of coming up with this challenge (i.e., why are you proud of being part of the blogo.ro-oaie).

Poverty and IQ in BlegooVision  

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I recently got an article from our very own , who wanted to see his thoughts published and critiqued around here. It required serious formatting, but I thought it’s a free service I can provide to the second highest commenter (in terms of quantity) on this blog. My comments will be highlighted inline and concentrated at the end. 

Patriotards on Romania’s Day  

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I don’t like to adopt a nationalist stance on any day of the year and least of all when you are supposed to do so, such as on December 1, Romania’s national day. Rather than pen yet another pointless, devoid of meaning nationalist article, I’d much rather look at a few forgotten issues.

AndreasKreuz or Saint Andrews Cross  

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It has recently come to my attention that today is St Andrew's day and also Scotland National Day. Tomorrow is Romania's. Or, since it’s unlikely I’ll finish this article and publish it today, subtract one day from all the temporal adverbs above. We will also learn here who put the ‘X’ in XXX.

Poc-Rrrom IV  

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More than two years have passed since my last and today, inspired by a story I've just read, I've decided I'll go through with this one.

Merry Tuborg Christmas!  

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Christmas is a time of forced happiness, unmet expectations - i.e., looking forward to spend some time with your family, only to end up annoyed by the same things that caused you to move out as quickly as you could if your parents are alive, or feeling unappreciated by those ungrateful earthlings if you are a parent yourself. No wonder so many of us have started to take the Festivus joke seriously!

The Wall, mit Chereches von Baia Mare  

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The wall is a symbol. In Romania, it separates Romanian Roma who are dark-skinned from Romanian Roma who are (slightly) whiter. Read this while listening to Pink Floyd’s full album (live) or just another brick.

Ferguson and Canadian Death Panels  

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I’ve two heavy things on my mind right now, and unlike WhatsApp frustrations, I don't think I'll be able to balance them with some happier, care-free thoughts. The second part of the title was inspired by a comment left by Blegoo about a year ago.

Business Days – a TEDx for pragmatism  

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Being a dreamer has its perks, such as happiness and fun. Making money first is a tad more difficult, but it results in a better match, later on, with the aforementioned two desiderates. And since one of the most important conferences for entrepreneurs and business people will take place December 10-11, it's worth taking a look at who we'd like to see there.

WhatsApp frustrations and Debating satisfactions  

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On the subject of long-distance communications (following my recent WhatsApp-ian conversion). And then I added something a little less annoying and quite satisfying: a debating project.

Best 2014 Romanian Invention (via 3M)  

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I have in the past participated in 'Romanians against others' contests (such as Brancusi @ Saatchi, cum 2 Ro) and never really liked the idea. So I organized quite a few of my own on this blog (guess the relevant category) and again participated in home-grown ones (selgros, roz cu bunici, leustean, verona, economy), and that was better. This time, I have in front of me a list of Romanian inventions (docx) and I get to vote which one deserves a prize from 3M. You can and should vote as well – see the link below.

Home Alone in Bucharest I  

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The initial motivation in starting this blog was telling a number of "origin" stories. Some I have already told, some I left for later, but for the most part, telling these stories is the main raison d'etre for this collection of characters (i.e., letters, numbers and strange people – the constituent parts of this blog). One of them is the story of my last year or so in Romania, a time when I lived on my own in my Drumul Taberei / Favorit apartment.