Horatiu Pepine romansplains at DW  

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Despite having better things to do and write about, a recent article published by Deutsche Welle annoyed me enough to get me to write about the non-debate happening in USA and discuss abortion.

The Peculiar Case of Gypsy and Dee Dee  

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A relatively recent tragic murder and Munchausen by proxy case is a pretext to look at how Romani / Gypsy / Roma people are perceived, the guilt of their children and mob mentality.

Support Net Neutrality!  

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I don’t have time for this any more than you do. It’s summer, it’s sunny, and I hardly have the time for my daily swim. But some bigwigs are counting precisely on our not paying attention to pass some really bad regulations.

Bodnariu, Norway and Parenting in the Age of ISIS  

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The current culture clash about some Norwegian child welfare agency having seized a Romanian couple’s children over physical discipline and the ensuing protests coming mostly from religious groups has a recognizable background: it’s a rehashing of the century-old conservative vs liberal quarrel. I have respect and admiration for Norway and their altruistic, enlightened and generous foreign policy and foreign aid, but this case may be more than just that.

Madalina Ghenea in Sorrentinos Youth (2015)  

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I was going through a movie marathon when I started this article. I thought I’d seen something in Ghenea’s performance, then I wasn’t so sure. And time passed.

#colectiv echoes, corruption, prosecutions and direct democracy  

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The fatalities count has gone North of 30, and I try to parse all the data, info and opinions that are squirting on the Internet much like the absent fire extinguishers should have in the infernal basement.

Fire prevention vs over-regulation  

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Predictably, the fire at the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest has resulted in calls for moar regulation! and a search for the culprits. Interior Minister Oprea can breathe now that the media is no longer focusing on his killing of a policeman through unnecessary, elitist motorcades. Let me explain why the requests for more regulation are misguided.

Colectiv #suntemcolectiv #wearecolectiv  

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I was planning to go out tonight, and on my way out, my eyes fell on a headline: "Romanian nightclub blast kills 25". By the time I looked it up online, the casualties had gone to 26. And memories of a few nights in Bucharest came back.

Romanian Movies at TIFF 2015 Toronto  

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There was a time when talking about TIFF meant an image. Then, starting around 1975, it meant the Toronto International Film Festival. Then Romania thought that copying this name is OK, and now I find that I have to differentiate between tiff.ro and tiff.net. Here we are simply listing the Romanian movies at TIFF.net (in Toronto).

Back To School  

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My head has been getting bigger and bigger from all these stillborn brainchildren, so I thought I write a few down. Besides, it looks like Google has been dropping some of my articles off its index, and that hurts.

Poverty and Sadism (Radu aka Ramsay)  

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It’s been a while since we haven’t talked about poverty in Romania and solutions. A recent “debate” caused by an over-the-top article on not giving money to the poor gives us a chance to look at it again and also address our reticence with BDSM practices.

2 girls, 1 cop (PLM XIX)  

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Were the two girls, of each at least one lives in London and was traveling back home, subject to unwarranted aggression, or were they able to transform their own arrest into a long-winded drama, at the expense of the image and reputation of the Romanian Police?

Ioan Pop admits to sexually assaulting 10 women  

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It's a sad day for Ioan Pop, his family, and Romanian Christian Orthodoxy in general, but on the bright side, the abused women are finally getting some closure and Ioan Pop won’t have a chance to repeat his weird brand of sexual religiosity. As usual, I am not content with only reporting on the news; I have a few other things to say.

#handshakegate: genie bouchard vs alex dulgheru  

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It happened a week ago, but I needed some time to sort out my feelings. It’s complicated, because Alexandra Dulgheru is Romanian (i.e., from my native country) and Eugenie Bouchard is Canadian (i.e., from my adoptive country). Alex is nicer and a winner, Genie is a blonde, confirming the stereotypes that come with that categorization.

scuse me while i kiss the sky  

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The way I experience love, or at least what most people mean by it, is dumb and I haze it. I get jealous, obsessive, cheesy. This kind of love is not enjoyable for me, likely not for the other and I try to avoid it, yet this is the kind most girls I had dated in the past seemed to want.

Hajduk/Outlaw Werewolves/Lycans Dacians/Gauls/Getae  

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Recently, one of the few blogs I read went off-line, after publishing one episode of their epic sagas. It’s [sort of] about Dacians, and as a sign of solidarity, I’ve decided to give the non-Romanian world an idea about it.