Blegoo strikes (debates?) again  

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Blegoo, previously profiled and published here, took some time off from shovelling to write an article for this blog, as a guest. I’m publishing it here as encouragement (longer version), with the spelling mistakes left uncorrected but listed at the end, and also detailing there the formatting work I (still) had to do.

Back to School with Google Earth Pro  

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I don't work for Google nor do they pay me in any way, but when I recently learned about their Google Earth Pro for Free promotion, I jumped at the opportunity to take yet another trip to my primary school and what would be the second instalment of my ”” series.

Zalmoxe by Sfinx, 1978  

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Although I have written briefly about progressive rock, I shied away thus far from Romanian progressive rock. That's rather odd, considering that the apogee of that genre in Romania is universally considered to be the eponymous Zalmoxe by Sfinx, released (more like “censored”) in 1978.

online debating, toujours insatisfaisante  

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Despite this being one of the , the more I try to engage in online debates, the angrier and more unsatisfied I get. Before I decide to completely and always avoid them, it may be worth looking into why they are this way.

Bitdefender censorship?  

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I recently invited a friend to participate in a conversation and was told that Bitdefender is blocking the site on virus grounds. I would ask if anybody else had this issue, but obviously, people who are using Bitdefender would not be able to read this question..

Dr Simona Tibu: police brutality or white female privilege?  

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The video of Dr Simona Tibu's arrest and assault has recently been released (cbc-video), after a protracted legal battle. What is debatable is to what extent is this a case of police brutality / use of unnecessary and excessive force, or white female entitlement.

I am Spartacus. Brown.  

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Not brown as a result of my trip to Cuba, but rather as a state of mind.

Romanian Beggars Invade Sweden  

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The stuff I haven't told you yet about Anaughtia (see previous and still unfinished, at this time, article) is on my mind, fighting its way into a sequel. But it will be a while. There are other stories for other blogs that also searching for a way out of my head. Until then, a somewhat easier subject, on Sweden.

A-naughty-a – unchecked checkbox 2  

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I had started back in 2008 with Radna and continued with an echo from DoR. Radna was not the only one and when, at a recent party, I met the brother of another such checkbox, the memories came rushing into my head. I shall call her Anaughtia.

yet another joke that needs explaining  

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As I was telling you, my sense of humour is a bit niche and, coupled with my allergy to inconsistency, it may result in comments some people may consider a "flame" or trolling. I may be turning in Fouad, the joke-explaining-Indian in Family Guy.

Boian – the village that crossed the ocean  

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A a couple of years before 1900, a Transylvanian village followed its lucky star West and moved to Alberta, in the Canadian prairies, where they (the villagers) each got a nice piece of land with quite a few strings attached.


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I have an almost Pavlovian reflex when it comes to inconsistent or illogical patterns. I've built-in expectation for things to turn out as they should, and when they don't, as it is often the case in life, alarm bells sound.

why blog  

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One question I keep getting on this blog despite having answered it more than once is why did I start it. Since I keep getting it, there's a good chance that the answers given so far have been unsatisfying (or invisible to the reader). So here's another attempt at an explanation especially now that even the Ontario Legislature has observed Romania’s National Day and BI thought of coming up with this challenge (i.e., why are you proud of being part of the

Poverty and IQ in BlegooVision  

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I recently got an article from our very own , who wanted to see his thoughts published and critiqued around here. It required serious formatting, but I thought it’s a free service I can provide to the second highest commenter (in terms of quantity) on this blog. My comments will be highlighted inline and concentrated at the end. 

Patriotards on Romania’s Day  

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I don’t like to adopt a nationalist stance on any day of the year and least of all when you are supposed to do so, such as on December 1, Romania’s national day. Rather than pen yet another pointless, devoid of meaning nationalist article, I’d much rather look at a few forgotten issues.

AndreasKreuz or Saint Andrews Cross  

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It has recently come to my attention that today is St Andrew's day and also Scotland National Day. Tomorrow is Romania's. Or, since it’s unlikely I’ll finish this article and publish it today, subtract one day from all the temporal adverbs above. We will also learn here who put the ‘X’ in XXX.