#handshakegate: genie bouchard vs alex dulgheru  

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It happened a week ago, but I needed some time to sort out my feelings. It’s complicated, because Alexandra Dulgheru is Romanian (i.e., from my native country) and Eugenie Bouchard is Canadian (i.e., from my adoptive country). Alex is nicer and a winner, Genie is a blonde, confirming the stereotypes that come with that categorization.

scuse me while i kiss the sky  

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song The way I experience love, or at least what most people mean by it, is dumb and I haze it. I get jealous, obsessive, cheesy. This kind of love is not enjoyable for me, likely not for the other and I try to avoid it, yet this is the kind most girls I had dated in the past seemed to want.

Hajduk/Outlaw Werewolves/Lycans Dacians/Gauls/Getae  

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Recently, one of the few blogs I read went off-line, after publishing one episode of their epic sagas. It’s [sort of] about Dacians, and as a sign of solidarity, I’ve decided to give the non-Romanian world an idea about it.

In Uterus Envy, Ilie Nasty Nastase  

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Some recent Romanian news led me to consider the possibility that many Romanian men suffer from an undiagnosed affliction: Uterus envy. Let us together discover what that means, and how this was already named “womb envy” by a psychoanalyst named HORNEY.

Inconsistencies: Basescu in the Guild of the Guilty  

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I have in the past voted for the (former) President Basescu and even raised to his defence (more or less) when he was accused of slapping an impertinent child. Yet his latest display of inconsistency is more than I can bear.

Simona Halep hangs up on Serena Williams  

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Serena won and Simona lost, but this game is so much more than this result. In short it’s all a psychological thriller with some touches of physical endurance and skill, and Simona seems to have given up (video highlights: 4 min, 10 min, 34 min).

Women Stalkers  

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One of the many silly “arguements” (sic!) listed in the previous article stuck with me: men are more desperate and supposedly stalk women more so than women do men. I do not recall ever stalking someone, but I do recall being stalked a few times (not killed or maimed, just a tad annoyed).

The Knight with a Fat Wallet  

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There was a time when women were dreaming of a “knight in shining armour” but a steady decline in the prestige of shiny things coupled with a long set of economic crises have put an end to those romantic times. Today women seem to want a man who’ll pay and they rely on the State for protection and Facebook and/or Twitter for DIY reputation management (aka PR). A recent article on dating and paying for it (ctch-tspr) reopened a long-forgotten subject, a subject I haven't attacked in a while (since between 12 and 12-B, to be exact), despite a desire and even a plan to do so.

Treating Alexic Danopathy with NatGeo and linguists  

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After introducing the reader to a Tutea-like blogger (but without the mandibular shaking, and as a blogger, he writes rather than talks), today I was going to continue the cycle of Alexic Danopathy, as promised. Recently, National Geographic has written at length about Trajan’s Column (research first covered a few months ago), and surprisingly, Alexic Danopathy “scholarship” and research is nowhere to be found there. There’s more to be said, but I got sidetracked by his conversation with someone he calls Tartina Lol (caba-tl). 

Varujan Pambuccian is a bit too zambaccian  

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Finland, the country who is light years ahead of Romania in education, is moving away from structured learning and a Romanian Senator opines that it's BS, which, in our view, makes him a 'zambaccian' or a person who is incapable to understand his mistakes, nevermind assume them, a person whose mindset prevents them from accepting new, revolutionary ideas.

Simona Halep WINS, Jana Novotna still a loser  

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Simona Halep just won the most important title in her career thus far (“Premier Mandatory”) by winning at Indian Wells in a disputed game against Jelena Jankovic (ceremony, part I, part II). This is the 3rd part, after bye-bye boobs and an aborted attempt to write about Simona Halep in the context of Romanian education.

Mihaela Radulescu Schwartzenberg de Monaco von Piatra Neamt avec Louboutin et parachute née Tiganu aka Mrrr Lola  

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The name would be longer, but I’m running out of space and patience. I don’t care much about MihaElan (yes, she lost the “n” but kept the “Schwartzenberg”) have a dimension that has not really been explored in Romania, a dimension I find very interesting: women seem to be far more interested in her (both accusing and defending) than men. Why would that be? The other thing that irks me is censorship – something we should all fight foragainst, whether it comes from Mihaela Radulescu or from her post-op model Zoso. 

Aferim! to slavery and communism  

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A friend of mine published an article in medium on communism and entrepreneurship (ana-medium) and Aferim!, a movie a cousin of mine was involved in producing has hit the theatres, and I feel a debt of honour to write about each one. So hard to stay focused and write meaningfully is. 

History Repeats Its Beach  

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My life has more and more strange, scary coincidences. Sure, some are part of the all-encompassing confirmation bias, but some are just out there. Maybe in my search for meaning I get too hung up on serendipitous occurrences, or maybe I'm turning into the bimbo cliché of RomComs who thinks that "everything happens for.. increased productivity". And no, it’s not this beach.

Boston and Ana Birchall  

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A couple of years back I found myself in the Boston airport, meeting face to face Ana Birchall, whom I have previously featured on this blog. It was not a meeting organized by our respective secretaries, but it was nonetheless interesting for me.

Agerpres and Romanian MAE Fail European Geography  

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Though it may be unfair to extend the failure of the Romanian National Press Agency (Agerpres) and the Romanian External Affairs Ministry to an entire nation, let us not forget that part of their job is to represent the country. The recent faux-pas, confusing the French contours with the German one in a one-print commemorative brochure is, unfortunately, indicative of the dilettantism that has taken over the Romanian government.