Ze Fritz. Koming zuruck.  

Thrown (Ţâpat) in

Daft Joel Un fost "coleg de casa" din vremea studentiei m-a contactat cu cateva zile in urma sa-mi spuna ca va fi pentru cateva zile in Toronto. Si-am inceput sa-mi amintesc.. in engleza.
We were students and life was good. We served as an inspiration for Daft Punk (non)image, though we were never adequately compensated. These French people, always taking stuff from us, hard working beer lovers Cowboy

So when he contacted me not long ago to tell me that he’ll soon be in Toronto, I was happy and my memories started to come back.

Like I said, I was once a Savage Man God – though that does not mean what you might think it means. It means we were “housemates”, sharing a co-op house in downtown Toronto with a few others. My memories are not all that clear, so here I’ll try to save whatever’s left.


(This may not be his real name, but is the best I can recall.) He was short and somehow frail, but was our house leader. Despite his obviously liberal upbringing, he was working hard at enhancing his macho side. One summer holiday he even went planting trees in the North. He was also a Buddhist, trying to convince me to join with well thought-out lines, such as “our religion is not really a religion”. He was a very nice guy, yet this may not seem obvious because, as the house leader, he also had to be in a vague position of authority – not a good way to remember someone.

ze waiter

He was this easy-going, laidback, relaxed fellah. I’m not sure if he was taking any courses at all, but I’m quite sure he was working as a waiter. And almost every night, he’d be bringing home some girl who could’ve been a model, but by the soundtrack she was “articulating” during live sex, she was more likely an exotic dancer. We let him do this for quite a long while, as nobody wanted to come across as “frustrated”, but eventually we could no longer sleep and / or study and something had to be done. So we asked him to keep quiet, but it didn’t happen.

I was more frustrated with the fact that living with my parents gave me a number of bad habits. One was that all my permanent girlfriends had their own place and I would visit them whenever I felt like. They had no reason to come to visit me and I had no reason to invite them – other than show off and prove to my housemates and especially to the “Catcher in the top floor” that I too can be noisy at night. Now that I had a place, I had to change my comfortably numb habits. I had to go out an get new girlfriends, the kind who would prefer a small room with huge, drafty windows. And that was difficult, as I had no time and quite frankly, didn’t feel like.

ze sex-bomb

There was also an incredibly sexy chick in our house. After what seemed like a promising start, things took a turn for the worse, but can’t remember why or what happened. I only remember that I immediately felt that she was the ugliest cow. It is likely that she rejected me, though I honestly don’t remember it. It is unlikely that she became ugly just by moving in.

der joel

I remember Joel as tall and talkative. Of all the German people I met (and I did meet quite a few), he was the most talkative. We talked about many things and it seemed to me that he combined the German pride with the WW2 guilt in a unique, quirky and Teutonic mix. There’s far more to tell you, but for a beginning, here’s his message:

Hey ~ee,

I hope I got. The right. I am Oliver one of your German roommates in The savage house. We met also in Europe 2004 or so. We were together in Prag and Poland. I will be in Toronto from the 28.5 to 31.May.
Perhaps we can meet.

die ulrike

Ulrike was in love (or in a friendship with benefits) with martee, but I didn’t realize it at first. And since her story is intertwined with the story of S, I’ll tell it later.. Until then, enjoy the Aging Young Rebel and his Procrustes Bed story Big Grin

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