Friends with Kids (2011)  

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With all the March 8th celebrations, I got this idea about writing an article about each important woman in my life, starting with early childhood or as far as my memories go. That would take a while.


I already started with my grandma and my first teacher, and even got as far as the history teacher, July and Marina, but then I lost steam.

And then, watching Real Time with Bill Maher, I learned about John Hamm’s new movie and then I watched it. It’s awesome! It’s the cast of Bridesmaids, but it’s a bit more serious or “romantic” (as bitches would say Hot smile), it’s not trying (or not succeeding so well) to be funny. Besides, I laughed at Bridesmaids even though it’s a chick flick, but I didn’t feel like going through that again and luckily I didn’t have to. FwK is a

---I had published this before finishing it, here’s where I start again---

So I lost steam again. Should’ve listened to John Steinbeck’ advice (just fuckn’ write).

The movie is about 2 best friends (uncharacteristically, a “him” and a “her”), who watch their friends get married and have babies and turn wonderful relationships into sleep-depriving nightmares of ghoulish proportions. Some even get separated, ending up with joint custody and only then, when the pressure of living together waned off, do they get to rebuild their relationship and be friends. So our two heroes decide to just skip these intermediary steps, have a baby and go straight to joint custody, as friends. They decide to pick only the last 2 items from the poster. Predictably, the chick (who, if I understand it correctly, wrote the screenplay) falls in love and fucks up this perfect arrangement.

Why is this movie important enough to devote it an article?

Only a few weeks ago, my former Gn 197 classmates had a middle-school reunion. I didn’t make it, but I’ve seen some of the photos and heard some of the stories from friends calling me on my Bucharest number. Almost everybody is married with children while I have yet to meet a woman I can see myself getting older with (not to mention that I still haven’t lost my virginity).

va urma. poate. candva.

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