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Much to my surprise, a movie featuring Elisabeth Hurley and filmed entirely partly in Romania has no review that I can find.

The reviews are lacking because, judging by the upload date of the Transilvanius’s trailer, the movie was shown at the Transylvanian TIFF 2009 and then pretty much abandoned in terms of promotion. Although a full review is unavailable, we get “opinions” that can pass as a review on Amazon:

"Made in Romania" is another in a long line of films that self-consciously looks at Hollywood and the film making process. Some of the best of this genre include "Bombshell" (1933), "Sunset Boulevard" (1950; also: 5 min), "The Stuntman" (1980; also director & full), "A Star is Born" (1937full, revived, 1954), and "Swimming with Sharks" (1994). A bit off beat, one should also see "Ed Wood" (1994), "Get Shorty" (1995), or "Shadow of the Vampire" (2000).
The current film is a semi-documentary in which Jennifer Tilly tries to make a film based on a Victorian novel. We see her putting the team together in California, entering pre-production in London, and then shooting in Romania where tax advantages will result in a windfall for producer Ronnie Krapner (that's right, KRAPner), played with sufficient sleeze by Joey Slotnick.
But all is not well, starting in London when the Director makes a shameful advance on Tilly and has to be replaced with an unknown whose only real qualification is that he is British and conforms to the tax break requirements. More problems surface in Romania - budget cuts, language problems, threats to close down the production, problems with the local law, too many pigeons in the studio, etc.
Jennifer Tilly (1958) can be sexy, funny, and serious, occasionally all 3 together. She was nominated for an Oscar for "Bullets Over Broadway" (1994) but is perhaps best known for the cult favorite "Chucky" films (1998, 2004) or for the popular "Liar Liar" (1997). She gives an exceptional performance in this film, playing herself.

This movie actually helped me correct a major misunderstanding I used to have: I was convinced that it was Renee Zellweger who appeared in all of Tilly’s movies – I wasn’t aware that these are two different actresses. Only after seeing this did I realize that Jennifer Tilly is the actress speaking in that affected, somewhat annoying voice.

In any event, if you’re not interested in filmmaking, if you’ve never thought about making a movie, if you don’t know or don’t care about what is the difference between a producer and a director then you’re not going to like this, much like this other opinion on Amazon:

This movie is stupid and several of the main characters are completely obnoxious, particularly the director. If you find stupid movies entertaining you may like this. It also gives a false impression that Elizabeth Hurley is a significant part of the movie; she is on the screen for all of about 2 minutes once.

It’s kinda true: Hurley makes more of a cameo appearance, just so that they can sell the movie with her name in the distribution. Also, the mockumentary style makes it “stupid” and that’s not something I like, but it’s entertaining in how it looks at the movie industry and especially indie movie making. Which means, of course, that the opinions on Rotten Tomatoes should be far more favorable, as that site is frequented by movie buffs:

Best fucking movie on the planet right now for me. I love this motherfucking movie, I love films about the process and this is a newest greatest one around right now. Its fucking awesome, everyone in this, is so fucking amazing. I am glad to see Hurley and Tilly back in action in something of a masterpiece in this genre. I wish they both made more films. Tilly should be doing Russ Meyer remakes, she is such a great badass actor, and I love watching her, and should do the Faster Pussycat kill Kill remake, she’s perfect for one of the leads. I am going to watch this movie 1000 times, its never going to get old. This is film is like actually being on set, location, and working on the film. This is one of the best films for anyone to see, who has ever wanted to know what’s its like to be on a film, but has never had a chance too. Love everyone in this film and everyone who made it, thank you for a wonderful film, and for adding more sunshine into my world and everyone else who gets too see the magic you have been on film.

Perhaps this is why there are so few reviews: this is such a whacky commentary on movie making that the recursion destroys the possibility for describing it. If you don’t like movies and search for a review, you might as well go with what offers in response to this query: Ion Iliescu.

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