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Not a great movie. Interesting at most, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

The movie has all the ingredients to make it a great movie: a young Vanessa Redgrave showing us some perkiness, the Yardbirds with a young Jimmy Page smashing guitars, Gillian Hills of zou bisou fame (see also Megan in Mad Men), as well as sixties model Veruschka. The opening mimes were filmed – guess where? Yep, The Economist building :)

Anyways, you can easily interpret the movie as being just a beautiful stroll through the swinging London. The esthetic is pleasing and one can easily recognize fashion traits that have disappeared only to come back recently. What’s left unchanged is anorexia in the fashion world and drug use.

My preferred interpretation is that the movie is a play on reality vs perception – especially the end with the mime tennis. Incidentally, that’s also ctp’s theme in Cassargoz (sf, joc, realitatea).

Incidentally, this movie is credited with smashing through Holywood’s old production code.

Sources / More info: wiki, imdb, perspectivism, subjectivism, Gillian Hills, Veruschka

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