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As I’ve been getting closer to a long-planned trip to Europe, I had to face the prospect of more hostility and less-than-enlightened assumptions related to my ancestry. I am quite tired of going through that and have been preparing to start answering the question “where are you from” with “Dacia” – and will be doing so starting tomorrow. With this article, I will answer the follow-up “isn’t Dacia a car?” or “what is that?” or “where is that?” with “look it up!”

LikeADacianI have been explaining many of these things for a rather long time and unfortunately, I no longer have the ability to do so pro bono. But I would still like to help those in need on the road to cognition.

These facts about me may help you in deciding how I can best help you. I am / was / have:

Perhaps the best reason to hire me to help you sort out various misunderstandings is my unparalleled ability to provide a balanced opinion on any issue or argue persuasively, without neglecting logical consistency or the importance of emotion, for either side of an argument.

To quote Sheryl Crow:

What I can do for you
There's no one else
On God's green earth can do
What I can do for you
There's no one else
On God's green earth can do

Just ask anybody
They'll tell you that it's true
There's no one else on earth
Can do the things that I can do for you

You're never gonna make it
All by yourself
You're gonna need a friend
You're gonna need my help

Obviously, being your friend is not part of the deal and neither are some other things suggested in the song, but I can definitely help you.

This page is also available via, or .


Prices are based on a combination of time used at my hourly rate, level of difficulty vs enjoyment and a few other criteria. Be sure to choose your preferred language: English (default, preferred) or Romanian. If we have met personally, I can also charge (swipe) your major credit card, if you prefer to pay that way.

Link Pack

With the link pack, I use my formidable Google Search skills to look up information for you and email you a package of up to 10 links which you can peruse at your own leisure.

Twitter block of time

We can spend some time discussing your chosen topic on Twitter. You may find me at @zamoca.

Tumblr 1 reply

I could answer your question on Tumblr – find me at Tumblr allows for longer replies than Twitter (replies may actually be as long as one wants them to be) but general practice on this platform is to keep text short and visually rich.

Forum Z 30 min

The Zamolxis Forum is part of the Zamolxis Facebook page. Under this package, I could spend up to 30 minutes of my time engaging in a public, open conversation with you on your chosen topic.

I Debate You

Debating implies following some formal rules. Luckily, a number of websites have made this easier (,,,, I used to offer this and to judge debates on this blog but I am no longer in a position to do so at no cost.

Debate Moderation

If you already have an “antagonist” but lack an experienced judge or moderator, I am available to score and provide feedback.

500, 700, 1000 word Article

I can write a short article on any topic you choose. For your money you get the article in PDF and plain text format and a license to publish it anywhere you wish for 365 days from delivery.


You may qualify for a discount in certain circumstances. If you would like to apply for a discount, be sure to complete our Survey / Contact form, explaining why you think a discount is necessary. Also, note that none of the above is counseling.

Depth of Field
Topic or Free Form Question

A simple explanation for many of the questions that naturally arise when it comes to Romanians and Roma or Romani people can be found in the Urban Dictionary link below.

LE: Now with a !

Sources / More info: urbandict

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