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Thrown (Ţâpat) in ,

I need to commit some of my very recent memories to this blog, but precisely because everything happened so recently, I need to be even more ambiguous than usual.

Let me start with a photo:

BlackAndBlondeI can’t tell you whether you should focus on the right or on the left, on black or on white; I will only tell you that beauty lives there. Or could it be that rather than being about one or the other, the story is about a furious fusion of both, an amazing meld of touchable hair and sun-protecting pigmentation.

If you insist, I have a song by Andries, previously mentioned in an article on Ana B. Hope my translation will help (original in Romanian in Sources, below).

Earrings in her ears

Her eyes without pair 
Enchanted me on the spot,
She said she has a twin brother
And usually she has no luck
I replied that I have no brother either
And that I'm a lucky guy,
She laughed, pushing her hair back
And said that everything is upside down;

And then I asked her (for starters)
To lose the earrings,
So I can figure out whether
I’m talking to her brother;

Her white dress, in a second
Was floating near the ceiling,
My room, usually microscopic
Was now immense and ocean-deep;
And she wondered if I still think
That I’m talking to her brother,
And I said I haven’t made up my mind yet
Because she had not touched the earrings.

[Maria Ioana Mintulescu:] Please, don’t
Look at me this way (please)
Be patient with me
And don’t
Give up
Please, please, please!

She wondered if I keep a list
With the women in my life
And if such a list exists,
Where would she rank;
She smiled, but had in her eyes
A very serious knife
And then I said (cuz that’s how I roll)
That everything is upside down, as agreed.

Do not ask me where you can call her,
Do not ask me her name
She stands out in a million:
She has earrings in her ears.

If it’s not sufficiently clear, it is not terribly relevant who is the song / article about, the experience is unique, unrepeatable and forever imprinted in my memory.

Love is Time, and all we had was Desire.

Sources / More info: cercei, cercei2

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