La plimbare-n III  

Thrown (Ţâpat) in , ,

After checking out , we're moving on to the Wordpress section of our latest "spazier".

20130815 21 55 54-screenshotIf this wasn’t clear, through this exercise I’m trying to find blogs that are in a way similar to mine – i.e., with authors who don’t care much about promoting them but who nonetheless feel they have something to share with the rest of the world. Apart from my Blogroll, available as a link in the top menu, I’ve devoted a number of other articles to discovering blogs from : vol I of this series, “influent” blogs, “agregatoare”, zelist, nominalizations, and finally a : vol I, II, III, IV.


It’s nice that there are still blogs on this platform – in somemany areas it is better than the market leader.

  1. simonarrr – Stories from Ferentari, the most infamous Bucharest quarter
  2. isabellelorelai – this blog profiles famous Romanians and musicians
  3. drezina – fost recitirea, Teofil Stanciu writes pretty well
  4. crash4crantz – Pishky’s personal thoughts (Radu ain’t there)
  5. almanahe – not sure what’s going on there, but I suspect either cocaine or some other substances :D

Let us now move on to blogs that have acquired their own domain, much like this one, and are mostly hosted privately.


  1. – Teodora Mateoc describes her dreams, mostly (blogger)
  2. toane – Nina Todea is a Managing Partner in a family business and writes whenever she feels like
  3. thechronicle – mostly cultural and sometimes personal; multiple authors
  4. teodorovici – Lucian Dan Teodorovici, a successful writer
  5. simplybucharest – almost 10 authors, not all very active; urban issues, all articles in Romanian
  6. – a Romanian coder from Bucharest, coding in Borland / Embarcadero C++ for Windoze; technical and sometimes personal
  7. radugeorgescu – entrepreneurship – this dude sold RAV, an antivirus program to Microsoft; he looks like Zoso, but his face is rounder (sorry, I’m just jealous :D )
  8. petreusdan – mostly recipes, but also some other general health related articles and even travel
  9. – a journalist in Rome, after 3 years in Mexico.
  10. – translated news and infographics from the anglosphere
  11. logec – economic issues treated quite well, considering how dry the subject is; libertarian
  12. – sociologist & psychologist specializing in online marketing
  13. – I don’t lack ideas, what I lack is time and, sometimes, the motivation to see my ideas through, but this blog will surely answer a question I see often asked: “I want to start my own business, but which one and how?”
  14. hymerion – Dan Popa writes about finances and the economy. He seems upset that Mugur won’t talk to him. As interesting as his field allows it.

Our last part (at least, for now) contains solely .

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