La plimbare-n IV  

Thrown (Ţâpat) in , ,

Here we are, after vol II with Blogger / Blogspot and , at the final installment of our incursion into similarly ranked blogs.

As explained, this is something I do regularly. I used to do this with “Desfacatorul de bloguri”, but that application was designed in a way that allowed only the author to maintain it current. I tried to make suggestions to ensure that it will stay current, but they were ignored, so now that app is essentially obsolete.

I’m very tempted to discuss here the relative advantages and disadvantages of hosting your blog privately vs Blogspot vs, but I’d better leave it for later..

  1. ghenea – No, it’s not Madalina. Dude wrote a book on entrepreneurship and seems to be part of “Lion’s Den” Ro; a bit boring, no opinion article on the front page, just events
  2. – Pro biker. Elise has a moustache.
  3. dragosdehelean – communication / PR consultant
  4. dragosalexa – marketing & branding consultant – mostly events
  5. – old dude who owns media outlets and only takes photos with younger ppl (maybe it’s not on purpose, maybe there just aren’t many his age around). avoid, unless you’re looking for a sugardaddy.
  6. danfintescu – writes about movies; 5 feedburner subscribers, 1376 on Instagram
  7. – PR, personal blog, Timisoara 
  8. cosminalexandru – change management, but he seems very depressed by the current politics and Crin in particular
  9. cititorsf – I used to read a lot of SF as a kid; maybe this blog will reignite that passion
  10. – “about people who read, mostly in public transportation”. one of these days, they’ll make a porn with this weird fetish.
  11. - Cristian Orgonas lives in Timisoara and is in his late 30s. Excellent "communism" vs "capitalism" section.
  12. bogdanpitaru – journalist, crently – mostly travel
  13. bogdanabutnar – “Google Romania Industry Manager” or something like that; some articles in English; quite coherent
  14. bloguldecalatorii – al Alexandrei; interesant
  15. – hosts a few other blogs: vinci, wonderfulpcbszapplier, adelina, xulescu, aghi, alexandra; seems slow
  16. badin – political commentary, very critical of USL; last entry in March 2013, followed by a group in February 2013, then November 2013
  17. – 6 friends, mostly women, write about the books they’ve read
  18. artmaniafestival – festival in Sibiu 5-11 August
  19. argento – last article – February, Dragobete Smile
  20. adelin-petrisor – travel and more from an A1 journalist

Needless to say, this took a bit of time and I haven’t done it all at once. Rather, I started a few weeks ago. Back then, I’ve found a few other Blogspot blogs, can’t remember where, but most likely on Zelist.

This effort will soon be repeated!

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