La plimbare-n vol II  

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I am often curious to look for and find an awesome blog – a blog to blow my hair back. The question is, how? Well, every now and then this blog is visited by people who find me most likely by looking at “neighbor” blogs on the same page of their ranking in various trackers. I will do the same.

blowbackThat commercial always made me wonder about the speakers rather than the tape..

To clarify, this is a continuation of . I will take all the blogs that currently surround me on each ranking page from Zelist (ranking 312, page 7), Trafic (ranking 60 personal blogs, page 4) and Gtop (ranking 94, page 7) and then I’ll divide them in 3 categories: Blogger/Blogspot, and Domain owners. I skipped any blog that is strictly culinary, religious, corporate, or has another niche that I find completely uninteresting. Hypothetically speaking, a blog dedicated to feminine hygiene products, such as tudorchirila.blogspot a few years from now, would not be exactly tantalizing for me.

I feel a strange kinship to this first section, Blogger / Blogspot :)

Although there may be blogs with their own domain name still hosted by either Blogger / Blogspot or, establishing that is beyond the scope of this exercise. Here we’re only listing blogs who are using the default, free domain name.

  1. whitenoise4ever – cultural, quite interesting
  2. xmakeupyourmindx – blog dedicated to women and complex, mysterious issues such as how to use the waxing strips for moustaches; over 1200 likes on Fb
  3. viataprinbalonulroz – a family / mother blog
  4. unanotimpinberceni – a published poet and author; will revisit
  5. romaniadeieri – Dan Selaru is probably a mathematician; writes mostly about economics and society
  6. petalacalatoare – Iuliana M writes from Galati about how hot water was turned off in the entire city in the middle of the summer
  7. offshoregeo – George Colang wrote a book and has a .ro website, which is rather unusual for someone with an active .blogspot
  8. liarebelyell – studying in Stockholm, falling behind with blogging
  9. kariokaspot – I quoted her back in 2010 and am glad to see that the blog evolved and matured
  10. ideipentrufemei & ideidegay – one day, mey, one day.. :)
  11. haiafara – anything to get out of the house, mostly travel & w/e escapades
  12. fermadinvale – dedicated to poultry (chicken) farming
  13. decopii – children’s universe: songs, colouring templates, etc
  14. cinefiluldeserviciu – Mutuliga Andrei has just moved on .com
  15. brasovean2008 – don’t be alarmed! it’s a personal blog more than a blog about the city
  16. armyuser – another blog dedicated to Bucharest; the author claims an “education” affiliation (teacher?); the religious / oldskule flavour suggest a mature writer
  17. antiiluzii – Marian Matei writes rather long prose and seems to have a personal radio show
  18. andreeadragomir – Andreea Burdalescu (Dragomir) is a new mother, probably a second time

Now that we’re done with the Blogger / Blogspot blogs, we’ll continue on with .

Sources / More info: ip-blown, trfc-ro, zelist-7, gtop

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