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I knew yesterday, when I started to write about Simona Halep, that I won't be able to get into the gist of the matter. I shall finish my expose of Simona Halep's performance by taking a closer look at her breasts, or lack thereof.

Simona-Halep-Tennis-BreastsI have not watched Simona Halep before writing this article, and that’s a damn shame, because apparently, there was a time when her breasts were bigger (see this fan video). Besides, I don’t like to watch sports, I like to play them, and that is probably true about benign chest inflammations as well.

Born in 1991, she decided, for better (her game, apparently) or for worse (her male fans, clearly, who even made a petition to get her to change her mind), to undergo breast reduction surgery before turning 18. As if that landscape wasn’t impoverished already (see Christina Applegate or Angelina Jolie).

Decades ago, during one of my trips in Romania, I had a brief friendship with a girl with an ample chest – perhaps the biggest natural pneumonia I have ever encountered.

I recall writing about it, but all I can find now is my musings in the beasts, catch-me and the love-letter and Radna on how I used to be obsessed with breasts as a kid and how I don’t care so much about them now and how I consider a male’s continued obsession with breasts into adulthood a sign of infantilism.

Going back to my old friend, I did not pay much attention to her huge treasures, leaving them, during our intimate dialogue, not just untouched, but mostly packed as they were in their tight, black, wonder-parcel. There were other zones I had found far more interesting and I was convinced her breasts had been getting enough attention from all those before me who were – I was sure – more interested in them. She seemed quite surprised, and said nothing before and after her first few happy trips, but eventually she brought the elephant(s) in the room into our conversation.

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I tried to explain some of the above to her, and her reaction was drastic: “I’ll get breast reduction surgery” she said. I felt guilty. I had known, in my experience as a counselor, as well as on this blog, that women prefer to carry the cross of their biology (such as unnecessary menstruation) even when alternatives exist, because they don’t perceive it as “natural”. On the other hand, I know from my friend that anatomical particularities can be quite uncomfortable. I never tried walking around with a bra filled with watermelons, but I don’t think it’s easy, and I know it can and it almost always results in back pain. And when it comes to focus and the motivation to succeed in sports, I can easily see how that can be not just a distraction, but a source of frustration.

Which is why I support her decision more than her old Wonder Bra.

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