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I have an almost Pavlovian reflex when it comes to inconsistent or illogical patterns. I've built-in expectation for things to turn out as they should, and when they don't, as it is often the case in life, alarm bells sound.

secuimeTake, for instance, the previously mentioned display of the Romanian flag for December 1 at the Ontario Legislature in Toronto. Nice gesture, mostly from Conservative MPPs. Does it not seem to contrast with the black flag of mourning displayed in Romania in the Hungarian enclaves, in spite of a [rather silly] law which, if it truly does exist, should perhaps be abrogated?

This was widely signalled by the press, so I won’t comment much further. What I haven’t noticed being discussed is Iohannis’ performance, more precisely, how does it square off with his promises. “Romania of the well done business” did not seem that way in the televised debates, or in how well he submitted his equity statement or in his post-election demands that the ambassadors be recalled. Is a presidential candidate who is unable to prepare for a debate or manage even an average performance capable of leading a country? This goes for both Ponta and Iohannis, but more so for Iohannis, who made professionalism the cornerstone of his election message.

I know it’s hard to watch the “debates” in their entirety (I myself had not patience for that; it was obviously going to get more painful after the first minute), so I’ll just use a translated description (oc-roboklaus).

I looked at the last night duel between Klaus and Ponta. And as pro-Klaus as you might be, and however much you detest those in PSD, there’s no way you can’t say that Ponta made Klaus bratwurst. Simply carnage. Never in my life have I seen a worse prepared candidate than Klaus.

..and that’s exactly what I was saying in the article linked above:

their logic is remarkably poor and “unexercised” and they don’t manage to even score in personal charisma or charm – they are the worst debaters I’ve seen in a very long time

Unlike the aforementioned blog, I reached my conclusion in the first few minutes of the debate; to this day, I could not gather sufficient patience to watch it entirely.

The last inconsistency I was going to discuss surrounds Transparency International, who just came out with its latest Corruption Perception Index. There’s quite a bit in the methodology of calculating the ranking and the surveys, which are not entirely transparent. Has Romania moved up since the last article on this theme?

*(*This article is unfinished – it was scheduled to appear in the hope that it will be finished before, but since this message is here and until it is removed, the article is to be considered work in progress*)*.

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