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As I was telling you, my sense of humour is a bit niche and, coupled with my allergy to inconsistency, it may result in comments some people may consider a "flame" or trolling. I may be turning in Fouad, the joke-explaining-Indian in Family Guy.

20141205-Screencap002A friend of mine captioned a young Ozzy with old Ozzy with “kids, stay off drugs”. I couldn’t help myself:

because not doing drugs helps you stay young forever? are we sure he'd look better without drugs? using a similar logic, I can post an ugly photo of Hiroshima in 1939, a beautiful photo today and caption it with "atomic bombs for urban improvement"

Here, the reaction I got was “inflammatory posts man”.

Later on in the thread, somebody asked who this guy is and I answered with “Keith Richards, no mo’ fears” – the comment I got there was “it’s actually Ozzy”. Of all the songs Ozzy did, for some reason no more tears always comes to mind first.

The background of the story is, me and the friend who posted the above thing were the only ones to skip mushrooms during a Christmas trip to a cottage, long time ago. Everybody did it, except us. Not sure what her reasons were, but I took a look at that brown-green dried fungus, and thought to myself – I don’t care about trying everything once, I’m not letting that stuff into my body. I spent quite a bit of time staring at that meagre, sordid abomination, which in the context of my friends staring at each other, the furniture and the lamps and laughing hysterically didn’t mean much, I did fit right in, it’s just that I took a different turn in the decision tree.

I’m a bit odd I guess in that humour (or generally entertainment) that is illogical upsets me. Walking Dead, for instance, did not – yes, it’s stupid to be afraid of slow-walking zombies whose main weapon is a mandibula which can be easily dislocated and teeth that are not falling off despite really bad gingivitis, but I took that as a challenge, at least in the beginning.

Yet the latest terrorist-north-american-policing and racism scandals need some ‘splaining as well, but not here, not now.

Sources / More info: hiroshima-1940

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