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Romania is once again going through some convulsive protests and it's fun checking out how they are seen on the dark side. I started with Mircea Badea, about whom I’ve written extensively in the past (Romania’s Glenn Beck, censured).

imageYes, I’m talking about what was called the greatest protest of the past 20 years: this past Sunday, 40000+ people protested in Bucharest and over 10000 in each of Timisoara, Cluj and Sibiu. The bain of these protests is an amnesty law/executive order that the government has been trying to pass. While Romania’s anti-corruption drive has been hitting almost all the parties, most of those being investigated or in prison belong to PSD, the winner of the latest elections.

In the video clip linked under the photo (I only watched the first few minutes), Badea reminisces on his youth as a Pioneer and geek (tocilar). We learn that he was a “school commander” (cf Romanian “comandant de unitate”), that he appeared on TV as a kid and that his behind-the-scenes team had also appeared on the Romanian communist TV (pre-1990). For more on communist school customs (in English!), see my article on matricola and repeaters.

His memories are similar to mine, except that I’ve never been a “school commander” nor did I want to be, as in that position you often had to give BS speeches and thank Ceausescu, and, as someone who had been listening to Radio Free Europe a lot, I had found that scary and difficult and problematic. It’s also true that I probably couldn’t have done it even if I had tried, so my stated dislike may very well be “sour grapes”.

I do remember, however, the time I became “gruppen kommandant” or “row commander” almost against my will. I say almost, because part of me wanted it, part of me didn’t. I had generally good results in school, and had also a lot of books in my house, which I read because, as Badea tells us, there was nothing else to do. It was a popularity test. But there were others who had good results, were more popular or wanted it more than I did, so I was pleasantly surprised when my “row-mates” voted for me (we were actually voting). And my fears that I had to thank fearless leader for those under my “command” did not materialize. All in all, not so bad.

As it happens, a classmate had this to say about me.

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..the highlights being something about dance, my eyes and intelligence and me making fun of everybody.

But I don’t think you could have been a “school commander” without ritualistically sticking your tongue into the Carpathians’ Genius’ arse AND enjoying every minute of it. And it comes as no surprise to me that Badea had this past, seeing how obediently he defends his owner’s interests on TV. He’s been raised to perform anilingus since a  young age on an old man, so his tongue and Voiculescu’s bottom are a match made in heaven.

I suspect that there is a conflict between his conscience, his pocketbook and his tongue, or else he wouldn’t have had to take anti-anxiety medication for such a long time (as he had publicly stated). He could obviously pivot to Soros, except that this other old man is not known to pay for anilingus and though he has far more money to give than Voiculescu, he gives it to more people expecting more in return. Though in all fairness, his arse may be even smellier and flakier than Voiculescu’s. Except that Soros has never been in prison, so when Voiculescu comes out.. Well..

It’s also weird how he responds to a journalist who may have criticized him with “not all of us have been on TV when kids”. Badea defends himself by “explaining” that he (Badea) was on TV for being smart and beautiful, while the criticizing journalist was ugly and stupid.

Except that this isn’t exactly so.

Badea was “school commander” not just for being a geek (“tocilar”), but also, due to his exceptional anilingus skills and, very likely, due to parental involvement. As for physical beauty (which is a very big deal for Badea and something that he keeps bringing up), that’s not a personal merit, as he seems to imply. It’s merely a roll of the dice, a random occurrence that he did nothing to create.

I happen to think that people with an uncanny focus of physical appearance tend to suffer greatly as they age, and rather than taking anti-anxiety medication, he’s better off going into therapy for his narcissism.

Sources / More info: mb-pionier

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