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I struggle to write about my grandma’s passing away, between expressing all I have to say, and staying within the limits of what a reader might find interesting or useful, without falling into too much drama.

Grandma passed away a few days ago. I was not going to mention it here, but I find myself thinking about it a little too much.

IMG_6516On the bright side, she lived well into her 90s, exceeding the Romanian life expectancy by 20 years. And she’s not my only grandparent to have achieved this performance, although this is more on her children (my aunts and uncle), who have taken good care of her in her old age, shielding her from a resources-poor healthcare system.

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She has never asked for much from me – mostly things I had to do for myself.

My grandma was probably my most religious relative. She kept fasting and preying her whole life. I tried both as a kid, but didn’t like either, and she did not insist. As an adult, I attempted meditation and fasting, but neither worked well for me.

I thought of two ways to commemorate her. First is simple and it is mostly done. The second is a bit more complicated and requires some preparation: I’ll try a version of fasting that should not only be healthy, but also somewhat elevating. While others are too personal to share on this blog, I might write more on fasting and the keto diet.

I looked up fasting days for 2017 (calort-bis):

Miercurile si vinerile de peste an, afara de cele cu dezlegare, insemnate cu harti

So we are smack middle in the longest and most important fast of the year, the Easter Fast.

Rest in peace, Bunico!

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