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I keep reading about Romanian Police incompetence and I can tell you that I’ve seen far worse here in Toronto. I learned about former cop and current “forensic psychologist” Butoi telling us why a living girl’s carbonized remains ended up in a barrel (cf Romanian “butoi”). And beyond all these facts, inadequacies and incompetence, the question we want to answer even though we know we can’t is why?

Why do such monsters exist? How do normal people flip? What caused all this?

We explain the world and events through the prism of our experience. I’ve an engineering background, so I’m biased toward technical explanations. And, just like I think that lead (Pb) may have played a role in the fall of the Roman empire, I think it may have something to do with an increase in criminality and especially this guy’s criminality.

There is a study (I don’t have time to look for it now, but you could – I encourage you to disbelieve/doubt me; I will add links in sources as soon as I can find the time to re-search) that tries to show that the dip in IQ increase a few decades ago AND the spike in crime are related to lead (Pb) exposure when the brain is forming. IQ, whatever that means, has been increasing across the board with every generation ever since measurements started (with that 70s-80s exception) and the corresponding spike in crime followed shortly after the addition of a Pb compound to gasoline (60s), which would be consistent with the effects of wide-spread exposure to lead in childhood.

Meanwhile, this guy was first reported to have worked as a mechanic auto (among other occupations later disclosed) and, most importantly, used acid from car batteries which [have definitely contained in the past and] might still contain some of that nasty stuff.

Even if he wasn’t affected specifically by lead, there could be many other toxic agents that could have messed up with his executive function: Romania has been Europe’s garbage dump for a while now.

In clean-pristine, environmentally-conscious Europe a lawsuit is filed over Pb contamination after Notre-Dame burning.

So that’s my hypothesis. This man’s (and many others’) brain has been affected if not be Lead, then by some other toxic agent. Romania could prevent crime by toughening up and enforcing its waste disposal framework.


I have started explaining in the previous article on this crime how serial criminals are quite common here in Canada. Only months ago, some guy started randomly walking and shooting on the busy Danforth, while another mowed about 8 people on the sidewalk with a rental van. Only 2 days ago, a man was charged in connection with 4 murders in Markham and that CBC News video clip got about the same amount of views in its first couple of hours as news about a “fake” brewery.

There are multiple reports on the criminal incompetence of the EMS (211) operator (in Romania), but this is common everywhere in the world, as a simple search on YouTube shows.

Still, despite all the evidence to the contrary, the few people who understand English and supposedly read foreign press, continue to maintain this false idea that elsewhere police is perfect or that the Romanian one could become so.

In an article quoting Petreanu (another uninformed but popular Romanian journalist), Mihai Vasilescu argues for a Teardown (mv-petreanu).

Tot ce pot să mai spun este că sunt sută la sută de acord cu o postare pe care am văzut-o la Petreanu zilele trecute. Adică asta:

“In 2005 Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili fired “the entire traffic police force” of the Georgian National Police due to corruption, numbering around 30,000 police officers.

A new force was built around new recruits. The United States State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law-Enforcement Affairs has provided assistance to the training efforts.”

Nu e cazul să mai traduc, nu?

(..) Așa că, singura soluție nu poate să fie decât cea pe care am spus-o mai sus: dați afară toți și construit de la zero.

Chestie valabilă, de altfel, pentru absolut toate instituțiile statului român.

This idea is not new and has been tried before in communist countries (building the “new man”) and other dictatorial regimes, resulting in genocide or mass murders (Nazi Germany, Stalinist regimes, Khmer Rouge, Mao etc), with varying degrees of failure. The book Teardown however, despite its title, argues for a different kind of rebuilding and it includes a chapter on direct democracy.

Much like building roads rather than rebuilding the railway network to resolve traffic problems, focusing on improving police competence alone to prevent crime is unlikely to yield significant results. Police will always be incompetent, because of the corresponding drop in IQ for anyone placed in a position of power / leadership (there’s a study for this as well), and given that policemen are taken from a pool of individuals who are not very intelligent to begin with, it’s virtually guaranteed that they will continue to perform below expectations. This is why it’s important to keep police and SRI separated and with just enough power to do their job – the less power they have, the more competent they become – and invest time and efforts in areas that are likely to yield better results in terms of prevention of crime.


You might think that we should just dismiss my hypothesis outright and listen instead to “experts” such as “forensic psychologists” (fp). From the outset, I should tell you that any specialty with “forensic” in front of it is suspect. Here in Canada, after being called in hundreds of cases as an expert witness, one such fp was shown to be a fraud. The same goes for “psychologists” with “lie detector” expertise, “graphologists” and even lab technicians who were shown, after having helped to convict a large number of people, to have made up evidence or to not know what they’re talking about.

So I was looking forward to read in our so-called press the bs that Butoi “expertly” is paid to deliver. Firstly, I’ve discovered another one.

In an article published on 26th, Chesnoiu is quoted describing the house with a lot of vegetation as a “fortress of doom”, “strange b/c tall fences” and Dinca must have serious psychological issues b/c stone-faced and his wife will help with the diagnosis (a3-chesnoiu).

„Din ce spun vecinii, e un om violent, izolat. Ați văzut e casa groazei, e o fortăreață acolo, ziduri înalte, ciudată construcția aceasta. Cel mai mult ne poate spune despre acest om fosta soție. Vă dați seama că are probleme grave psihice. Un om normal nu poate să facă așa ceva sau să fie bănuit de astfel de grozăvii. E împietrit, ați văzut fizionomia lui. Poate vom descoperi mai multe oseminte acolo..

Să-i lăsăm pe procurorii criminaliști să-și facă datoria, să termine cercetarea. El va fi anchetat serios de procurorul de caz și poate că va spune până la urmă ce a făcut și câte grozăvii a făcut”

There is some BS above (for instance, Dinca’s entire family has unanimously declared that he had not been violent with them: hn-novio), but for a royal treat I was bracing myself for Comrade Butoi, whom I’ve discovered back when researching Rimaru, offering genetic deterministic explanations that, though popular, are toxic and lead to catastrophic policy-making.

I found this former cop’s “professional opinion” on a Bragadiru crime on June 30. He makes predictions about how the suspects will act.

(..) În imaturitatea, impulsivitatea și agresivitatea lor, în lipsa experienței lor, or să creadă că interogatoriul e un show, nu e așa, aici se va discuta probă cu probă în corelarea lor și câmpul faptei va fi decriptat așa cum a fost. Ei acum dau vina unul pe altul, încearcă să se dezvinovățească. Polițiștii sunt învățați cu asemenea debuturi”, a spus Tudorel Butoi la Antena 3 (a3-bubraga).

The problem with the above is not what Mr Butoi says, but rather the lack of disclosure of his background. His predictions are not based on his psychological studies but rather on his experience as a policeman. He is nonetheless presented as a psychologist and to the uninformed tele-spectator he comes across as a psychic.


Those members of the mob who think that crime can be stopped or prevented by increased policing or tougher punishment also tend to generally blame the suspect’s defense, forgetting that if they were ever unjustly accused of a crime, such a defender would be the only hope they’d have of seeing freedom. As such, I find indefensible the attacks on Bogdan Alexandru, the public defender of the criminalaccused (mf-chrono). Part of this public defender’s job is to keep police acting with integrity and to follow their processes to the letter so that a conviction is obtained not through abuse of process (which does not establish guilt) but rather through a proper criminal trial or confession/admission with incontrovertible evidence.

As I’m following this story (spt-chron, hn-recuno, hn-novio), the suspect initially denied the accusations but then he confessed. In a functioning justice system (if such a thing exists), a confession should mean nothing if not backed by serious evidence. That’s because police is often allowed to push so hard for a confession that often times innocents end up confessing to crimes they did not commit. Any of us can find ourselves being wrongfully accused of a crime, and this is why the integrity of the process is so important. See for instance the Innocence Project (wiki-ip).

To conclude, I do believe that a reform is needed and those who have been underperforming need to be held responsible, but we need to lower our expectations and realize that the systems in the Western world we might consider functional or even “superior” to Romania are far from being so. And, as Depeche Mode seems to suggest in Barrel Of A Gun, there’s a chance that the suspect did not commit these crimes.

Do you mean this horny creep
Set upon weary feet
Who looks in need of sleep
That doesn't come

This twisted, tortured mess
This bed of sinfulness
Who's longing for some rest
And feeling numb

What do you expect of me
What is it you want
Whatever you've planned for me
I'm not the one

A vicious appetite
Visits me each night
And won't be satisfied
Won't be denied

An unbearable pain
A beating in my brain
That leaves the mark of Cain
Right here inside

What am I supposed to do When everything that I've done Is leading me to conclude I'm not the one Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun Whatever I've done (whatever, whatever) Is there something you need from me Are you having your fun I never agreed to be Your holy one Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun Whatever I've done (whatever, whatever) I've been staring down the barrel of a gun Whatever I've done (whatever, whatever) I've been staring down the barrel of a gun

Due process must be followed.

LE: ..and we have the transcripts of Alexandra M call to 211.

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