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Recent news (about how more than half of “followers” for “influencers” are fake) reminded me of a network of twitter accounts that seems to exist solely for attacking anyone criticizing Genie Bouchard. These “shadows of a real person” are somewhat darker than the shadow of what Eugenie Bouchard could have been, had she not been influenced by an inner circle that seems to treasure appearances at the expense of true achievement.

The “landmark study”, undertaken, as many other exercises in obviousness, by British researchers, shows that it’s not just fake followers, but a number of online activities or metrics that are often used to determine “influence” are more often than not faked but still used in marketing.

When I first wrote about her, I thought that event was a simple blimp in what was likely to be a delayed comeback, but it now seems more than that. Around the time when a tennis figure opined that “hugging after a game is BS and oughtta stop” (or something like that), I did a quick search to see how or if she or those around her participated in that conversation, and what I found instead were several accounts attacking anyone who dared to mention her name in anything but the most flattering terms and context.

It was someone with a seemingly fake account with the same name as the Facebook employee who eventually got me locked out of my account. I sent a short tweet about a month ago:

I thought that this question (and answers from 144 “influencers”) is particularly revealing.

The previous tweet was coming after what I consider a rather innocuous one.

What did I mean by “network of accounts”? Something like these:

  • AmazingGenieB
  • bouchallez
  • MarieMTL
  • geniebouchard33
  • CircuitDuSoleil
  • GenieArmy
  • KarlGBLover

Some of the above may be “real”, but otherwise I find it very hard to believe that there are people on Twitter who are happy to only tweet for a “star” and without being remunerated in any way.

I’m guessing that it’s either her sister, her father or maybe both “manning” at least a few of these accounts, either directly or through paid individual.

LE: This account seems to have switched to trolling solely on behalf of Serena Williams. Again, it could be a real person who’s got a different “allegiance” every month, trying to set a confusing trail, or a PR mercenary hoping to get on the payroll of whichever star feels threatened, hurt or stalked by online public opinion.

The few things we know about the father (got rich in the financial industry and is worth a few hundred million dollars) may very well suggest this kind of (non)thinking, if movie sequences bear any resemblance to reality.

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