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A former CNSS (Sf Sava National College / High School) classmate sent me a link to an article about Horia Constantinescu (curi-interlop), asking me if I remember this guy being in our class. In Romanian, “interlop” is used to mean shady/criminal while in English it means “unwanted, persona non grata”.

În episodul 'bodyguarzilor' care au venit să îl apere pe Liviu Dragnea la ÎCCJ, în octombrie 2017, Horia Constantinescu a declarat că este prieten cu doi dintre bărbații care l-au apărat pe fostul șef PSD  iar unul dintre bărbați 'a lucrat la noi', respectiv  la Bonton Palace, afacere derulată împreună cu Andrei Năstase.There are more articles on Horia Constantinescu than I care to parse, and a few are linked below (liro-hc, firo-hc, re-hc).

In summary, this mini-dude, formerly director of “OPC Constanta” (meaning, I presume, “Office for the Protection of Consumers”), was recently named by the Dancila government director of ANPC, or the “National Authority for the Protection of Consumers”.

He’s a YouTube star who seems to have courted controversy and conflict while in Constanta. I’ve mentioned my own experience with his office (though possibly before he had been named) in Venus Incident (also in Romanian).

In his interview with some provincial outfit (infse-bdgy), he pictures himself as an interloper for the businesses he was overseeing, claims to have been an “ethical slut”, claims to have been elected something in CNSS, claims to be a “euro millionaire” and have more businesses than he can remember, which he started on the black market and by lending money usuriously, was “attacked” by both proprietors and clients while inspecting and is generally painting himself with a very colorful brush. He claims to be the grandson (or nephew? – same word in Romanian) of Miron Constantinescu but he hadn’t met him. He comes across as a communist sympathizer (paraphrasing, in ‘89 he raised against the dictator, not against communism).

As Dorina Lascar notes in the article sent to me, if this individual is indeed a “businessman” while working for state agencies that could be a conflict of interests that needs to be investigated. However, we need to take what mini-dude says with a grain of salt.

You see, I remember this guy at CNSS or Liceul Nicolae Balcescu in Bucharest, always skipping classes and being outside, smoking near the entrance. I used to skip classes as well, but mostly to play basketball in the outdoor court (which was later on embezzled in a shameful, corrupt act of real estate transaction). He didn’t play basketball because he was vertically challenged and he seemed to have a hysterical personality – in other words, he’d get very furious, very quickly, and did not seem to have any kind of self-control. I remember having some kind of altercation with him, and him coming in my own class after me. I pushed him around, and he reacted very angrily, and somewhat comically, getting all red and making all kind of threats, involving the army, the government, his family and a bunch of other things I don’t quite remember, nor did I fully understand. His point was, just like in the interview, that he can kill and he’s a killer, which seemed funny coming from an individual who had the perfect height to fellate me while we’d both be standing (in the photo shown here, he may be literally hanging above ground on those people’s necks or wear platform shoes like Prince).

So it is possible that he is presenting himself as something he really is not. For instance, when he claims that he made his fortune on the black market, he may have been the star of dwarf bowling (wiki). It may be illegal in Romania. Here in Ontario they tried to make illegal in 2003, and the issue continues to be debated, as it happened in 2012 (tgm-dwarf, tsn-dwarf, cbc-dwarf), but when it returned to the Windsor club where the controversy started in 2016 (ws-return), hardly anyone noticed. As such, a vertically-challenged star of such a form of entertainment might later on claim that he made his money “on the black market” in something like “pitic pe bani”, and due to possible concussion or head trauma incurred while being tossed head-first, they can forget “how many businesses they have”.

To summarize, Mr Constantinescu may be suffering from “short-man syndrome” aka Napoleon complex, which is a real thing, and he may be making things up in order to project an oversized image of himself, in order to compensate for his self-perceived shortcomings.

As such, until an investigation can prove that he has indeed other businesses and he worked for the government while in a conflict of interest, he just did his job in a rather public manner, which may be expected. Come to think about it, perhaps this [investigation, rather than regurgitating old articles] is what some of the reporters who are now writing about him should have done or be doing right now.

Sources / More info: infse-bdgy, curi-intrlp, liro-hc, firo-hc, re-hc, tgm-dwarf, tsn-dwarf, cbc-dwarf, ws-return

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