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I have to admit, I don't quite keep up with Romanian music. My favourite groups are rather old, and I only hear about Romanian stars when they are too big and of dubious quality (e.g., Inna).

afis Byron musicAs it turns out, Byron, a Romanian Romantic [Progressive/Alternative] Rock band is 8 years old and they will be celebrating their birthday on December 2 by playing with the Military Fanfare Bistrita, at the Cluj National Theatre. To be honest, the “romantic” qualifier is my [educated] guess based on their name, before actually listening to their music.

Let’s start with 3 interviews, by monden, creatiffff and adevarul. I like it so far: “the English language goes better with this music.” It also goes best with this blog. :D

Next on the list, watch and listen: Melancolic - Rămâi cu mine, Cu capul in nori, Masa pentru doi, Granita-n ranita, Perfect, Losing Control, w/ Andries, w/ Alifantis, w/ Maria Mintulescu, It Ain't Gonna Happen Today, Road Trip.

LE: After listening, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Apart from their “foreign language” choice, which restricts their grassroots appeal but makes them instantly universal, they have collaborated with all my favourite Romanian bands and soloists. Remember Maria Mintulescu’s voice in Cercei.. or Equal Days? Furthermore, it seems that they create music for the sake of self-expression. Most home-grown bands start playing in their native language and switch to English only in a (usually aborted) attempt to conquer the foreign market (“pentru export”). Starting to play in English from the start (or for the most part, before massive success) betrays either humungous balls / narcissism, or a total contempt for commercial success and the traditional way to get there. I’m glad I discovered them.

If you would like to check out more of my articles on music, start with the one dedicated to jazz: it has links to most of the others.

Biletele la concert s-au pus in vanzare prin si, acestea fiind disponibile si in reteaua magazinelor UMAN, Senia si agentiile Perfect Tour.

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