Voting Victor Ponta and NOT Klaus Iohannis (Cf2C V)  

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As shown in , in the runoff, Romanians will get to choose between Iohannis and Ponta. I wrote extensively about Ponta (dottore, virgin suicides, beligan-ponta, greatest plagiarizer, plai cu plagiat, roi rouge, geoana, partisanship, nastase), so before I tell you why I'm voting Ponta, I'll take a look at who is Iohannis.

Stimate alegator crestin - ortodox, Cand votezi, nu iti trada credinta si neamul! Voteaza Victor Ponta, roman si crestin - ortodox! 'Dumnezeul meu, sa nu-i parasesti pe robii Tai care traiesc departe de Biserica; dragostea Ta sa-i aduca pe toti langa Tine.' Rugaciunea cuviosului Paisie AghoritulI’ve been getting a lot of emails and Facebook posts to vote for Iohannis and they upset me. We all know that Ponta is a dangerous idiot, but the “pro Iohannis” side consistently fails to explain why is Iohannis any better and/or why is he deserving of any vote.

To elucidate the mystery of the flyer to the right, it is a “commandment” to vote Ponta, the current prime-minister and poll-leading presidential candidate, distributed by Christian Orthodox priests in a monastery to visitors. These priests get their salaries from the government (see besoareca and moastele for more). In it, not voting for Victor Ponta is equated with betraying “faith and nation.” Meanwhile, to his credit (or in a premeditated CYA against any association with that paper), Ponta declared that religion is a private matter but the Romanian society needs to have the universal values of religion (do not steal, do not lie) promoted.

Now, let us take a look at the televised debate (B1TV, iriticu, sr). What we see is two idiots, both fundamentally incapable of debating. Not only that they are unable to demolish the poorly constructed points of their adversary, or indeed, come up with some good, constructive ideas of their own, but they are both incredibly boring, arrogant and annoying. In short, their logic is remarkably poor and “unexercised” and they don’t manage to even score in personal charisma or charm – they are the worst debaters I’ve seen in a very long time. Despite Ponta’s lip-service to “do not lie”, the statement that German legislation does not allow for organizing voting polls outside Consulates and Embassies was debunked right after the “debate” by the only German legislator of Romanian origin, Bernd Fabritius, who qualified it as an “unequivocal lie” (adv-fabritius).

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As we are all (or SHOULD be) quite familiar with Ponta’s stupidity, let us further look at Iohannis videos (my playlist or their shorts). I will add comments in the playlist as I watch the videos.

Let us now take a look at the or continue straight to an expose of .

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