Clusterfunk to Cotroceni III – voting  

Thrown (Ţâpat) in

So, I just voted. I thought I share with you how it went.

IMG_20141102_114859What did it mean to vote?

Well, first I did my homework (see the Clusterfunk to Cotroceni 2014 I and ). Then, I woke up that day. I’m gonna skip the usual stuff (exercise, shower, breakfast) but some time in the morning I found myself on Richmond Street West, walking to the Consulate. It was a less-than-five minute walk. On my way, I noticed some license plates suggesting that maybe Iohannis wuz there - if not in person, at least in spirit.

Took the elevator, which worked well this time, unlike during MEP elections.

Out on the 11th floor, I’ve found a small line-up (around 10 people) waiting to get in. A security guy (freed perhaps from the need to swipe his card so that the elevator goes to the 11th floor; see link above) was making sure that the people were aligned against the hallway wall. Yet another gentleman (most likely of Romanian descent) was making sure that people who did not have “domiciled in Canada” mentioned on their passport did not wait in line like p(h)easants and completed some sort of form at a table set up also on the hallway. That way, about five people in the line-up right before me went to complete the form on the table and I ended up with only 5-6 in front of me waiting to get in.

I couldn’t help noticing how those with the “Canada” mention were somewhat calmer and more relaxed, while the “visitors” retained a little bit of the extreme agitation that tells the astute observer of SE European origins. While I was waiting, the gentleman checking passports seemed to already know somehow that I had the mention in my own passport.

After a 5 minute wait, I got in, showed my passport, the person at the table entered my name and address in the list, gave me the stamp and voting bulletin, I went inside the voting booth, stamped Macovei’s name, got out, shoved the bulletin in the transparent urn, returned the stamp, got my passport back, signed the list and I was out in less than 1-2 minutes.

All in all, far better and more efficient than past elections, when I wasted hours. It seems that elections didn’t go as smoothly elsewhere, such as Paris, where people were actively prevented from voting, or London, where voting went way too slow and somebody tried to let seniors vote first – and there was no senior in the line-up. Here in Toronto voting in the morning certainly helped, since at least as far as the morning went, I’m happy to report that everything was peachy (ctp-imbecil).

20141102_113531_Sibiu1Outside, the car was still there, so I took a photo. (In case you didn’t know Iohannis, Ponta’s main contender for the President job, was / is mayor of a Romanian town called Sibiu, or Siebenburg in German Cibinium in Latin, Hermannstadt in German, Nagyszeben in Hungarian.)

Once I got back home, I finally cooked myself the yummy Lentil Soup – you know, the one I kept threatening I was going to make but had yet to make this season.LintSoup

The soup was awesome and it was a great reward for a duty [to myself] fulfilled.

Let us now move forward to ..

Sources / More info: ctp-imbecil

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