Merry Tuborg Christmas!  

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Christmas is a time of forced happiness, unmet expectations - i.e., looking forward to spend some time with your family, only to end up annoyed by the same things that caused you to move out as quickly as you could if your parents are alive, or feeling unappreciated by those ungrateful earthlings if you are a parent yourself. No wonder so many of us have started to take the Festivus joke seriously!

The second reason we are waiting for Christmas (Al doilea motiv pentru care asteptam Craciunul): TUBORG Christmas and Trading Places (1983) Drunk Santa (Aykroyd) and Jamie Lee Curtis boobsIn the Western world, Christmas has become an arena where hardcore Christians (mostly Catholics) battle non-Christians (mostly Jews) in “the war on Christmas”. Their message is “feel guilty!” (though to be fair, that’s the message of most religions), hence the appearance of “the Festivus for the rest of us”.

But that wasn’t always the main narrative.

Back in the 80s, before Wall Street took Milton Friedman’s ideas and put them in the mouth of Michael Douglas, as Wall Street, like an evil Santa, was only getting started on the great balloon that was going to be deflated in 2008, Christmas was a time to think of those less fortunate, and that included drunk Santas. This was changing, as Wall Street was gaining more and more traction; much like most fundamental Christians have either not read or not understood the Bible so did neocons not read Adam Smith.

If we go even further back, we discover that Christmas was elevated to its premier commercial event of the year status almost solely through Coca-Cola advertising (yt-cc). Yet the tide is turning: since sugar water is so bad for you, does it not make more sense to switch to beer?

That’s especially true in Romania, where this Christmas Eve will finally be the night that Santa Klaus came twice. : – )

You can watch Trading Places (which turned 30 not long ago) in a list of 10 clips. Or see start, belt, BadSanta, zeta chi, oil, bookies, WTC, nonpublic, jail, train, Inga, WhereNow, Siskel, end. And since you’d be watching one of the best comedies of all times, which manages to be funny while discussing racism, prejudice, white privilege, investing, capitalism, success, minimum wage and so on, why not enjoy it with some limited edition Christmas beer from Tuborg?

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LE: You can follow this campaign unfolding on Twitter: #ChristmasBrew and #ChristmasTaste.

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