Mihaela Radulescu Schwartzenberg de Monaco von Piatra Neamt avec Louboutin et parachute née Tiganu aka Mrrr Lola  

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The name would be longer, but I’m running out of space and patience. I don’t care much about MihaElan (yes, she lost the “n” but kept the “Schwartzenberg”) have a dimension that has not really been explored in Romania, a dimension I find very interesting: women seem to be far more interested in her (both accusing and defending) than men. Why would that be? The other thing that irks me is censorship – something we should all fight foragainst, whether it comes from Mihaela Radulescu or from her post-op model Zoso. 

screencapture: articolul publicat in The One by Catalina Matei on Mihaela Radulescu - Cele 40 de 'umbre' ale Mihaelei Rădulescu. Cum s-a transformat diva în 21 de ani de TVI am going to venture a guess here an say that most men are not attracted to a woman over 40; some may be attracted to her money, but such men are gigolos and as such present no interest. (It is only fair to discount men gold diggers if we discard women suffering from what I call a prostitute mindset.)

Before going any further, I’d like start by noticing that the video clips linked in the previous article (link above) have all but vanished due to copyright claims by CME Media Services Limited. So did the article screen captured to the right and initially published in “The One” and signed Catalina Matei – it disappeared following a “freaking-out” by MRR on her Facebook page (mrrr-fb). Here’s the intro to the censored article – The 40 “shadows” of Mihaela Rădulescu. How the diva transformed herself in 21 years of TV - as translated by Google:

He is 45 years, has gone through three marriages with legal papers, presented numerous shows and events, acknowledges that it is a possessive mother and not shy away from controversial statements. In the 21 years since he came to the attention of the press, Mihaela Radulescu has experienced it all: the radical change of look and style, to love stories consumed in a studio or, more recently, with the man who jumped the stratosphere!

Google got it a bit wrong here (it’s an ellipsis in Romanian), as it should be “she” not “he”, but if you listen to her voice (as you can still do in the yet uncensored recording of Mihaela Radulescu and Andreea Escu, who runs The One from Europa FM), you might notice that she sounds like a man.

The fact that she sounds like a man would not matter much, except that she actually kissed live one of the contestants of the show. This was a videoclip originally published by the show, but I can no longer find it, except for this recording which will likely be censored soon as well. The problem here is that if you sign up to be on that show, I doubt you really want for Mrrr to kiss you. In the original video clip the contestant allows her to kiss him and when asked after the fact, is a sport and pretends to be kiss-drunk, hiding his throwing up reflex. Yet I bet that in his mind it was Lola by The Kinks playing.

I met her in a club down in old Soho
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola [LP version: Coca-Cola]
C-O-L-A cola
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola 
L-O-L-A Lola la-la-la-la Lola
Well I'm not the world's most physical guy
But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
Oh my Lola la-la-la-la Lola
Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man
Oh my Lola la-la-la-la Lola la-la-la-la Lola (..)

I pushed her away
I walked to the door
I fell to the floor
I got down on my knees
Then I looked at her and she at me
Well that's the way that I want it to stay
And I always want it to be that way for my Lola
La-la-la-la Lola
Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
La-la-la-la Lola (..)

Well I'm not the world's most masculine man
But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man
And so is Lola

The screen capture above might get censored and I don’t know if I will have the time and resources to fight the perjury and abuse of process that would go together with the censorship. Rather than that, I will mirror it below, encrypted, in a format that cannot possibly be (ever!) censored.

*** Show encrypted text (see FAQ for the password or simply complete the survey) ***

Now that we’ve more or less covered the scandal and the censored article, let’s look into what causes it. Here’s a few ideas, hopefully I’ll get the time to expand upon later:

  1. With the name she got – which means “Gypsy” in a profoundly antiziganist country – she really had to fight hard to make a [new] name for herself.
  2. I’m no fan of fat, but evolutionarily speaking, fat women are supposedly more apt to give birth – see Curvology (.CA, .UK, .FR, .DE, .IT, .ES) – yet this argument should not apply to a 14 year old.
  3. She’s at a difficult age for most women – see perimenopause or Madwoman in the Volvo (.CA, .UK, .FR, .DE, .IT, .ES).
  4. Most women strongly resent women whom they perceive as trying to get ahead using their sexuality (numerous studies).
  5. Nonetheless, sexuality is all that older women used to have and it’s a dwindling resource – hence the need and desire to overuse it (scarcity); another way to look at it is that all women use it, older women are simply less inhibited about it. Finally, due to (2) she really feels younger.

*(*This article is unfinished – it was scheduled to appear in the hope that it will be finished before, but since this message is here and until it is removed, the article is to be considered work in progress*)*.

Sources / More info: mrrr-fb

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