Louis CK in Cluj, Romania?  

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Let us explore and make a bit of historical fun of the announcement of Louis CK stepping on Cage’s path, in Romania – a story that may be false and could possibly be fake. Most importantly, CK stands for a Hungarian name, which is why my Romanian compadres might worry that they are being invaded by the Great Hungarian Junta using Louis as a Trojan condom. 

If you think that CK in his name stand for Calvin Klein, you're Wong. CK is a weird abbreviation from Szekely, which is Louis' real name and also the name of the [majority of]] Romanian Hungarian ethnicity, known in Romanian as “secui”. Apparently, it means “frontier guard” as this is a [likely Magyarized Turkic] population brought in by king Ladislau I for the purpose their name makes obvious.

If you’re Romanian, you now got the joke and might want to search for Louis CK’s material, which is virtually impossible to get these days – I’ll tell you why later. If you’re not Romanian and wonder what does Hungary have to do with anything, you might want to know that for many Hungarians, Transylvania is “live” irredenta and/or read a bit of Romanian history.

If you’re not familiar with Louis CK’s comedy, that’s for two reasons: first, he’s been one of the famous people to fall under the “#metoo” paving machine. NYT called the discomfort most of us (familiar with his work) felt the “Louis CK conundrum” (nyt-lckc). My personal view is that his “erasure” from public life (much like damnatio memoriae from Diocletian era) and the punishment he got are completely out of synch with what he did (and admitted). The best defense I can find is bb-def, but I should also mention how disappointed I was that Sarah Silverman, who counted herself as one of his friends and who has also watched one of his masturbatory art performances did not have the chutzpah to fully defend him. I just don’t buy the claim that he held any power over them. Also, when you go to someone’s room late at night after spending some time and having some drinks it’s either for sex, drugs or both. If the sex they had was safer and less satisfying than they expected that does not make him an abuser. Anyways, a longer defence is at bb-def.

A second reason is that he guards his new material with the obsessive obstinacy of Prince (while he was alive – lck-copyright) and his old material has all but vanished (lck-com/net).

As you can see above, his latest movie (which was aborted by his distributor because his takedown unravelled just as his movie was about to launch) is not that popular on torrent sites. We will see how that changes as his July European dates (Milan 13, Athens 16, Sofia 23, Krakow19, Warszaw 17) get closer.

I was caught a bit off-guard by that “unravelling” as I had sent his Russian story to a Russian ex and.. well, it wasn’t good.

My only hope is that as he conquers Cluj and enslaves the locals, he’ll do so with gloves. While I don’t keep up with Romanian comedy, it seems a bit cringeworthy and not in a good way, so his show can only be an improvement. No glove, no love!

LE: Interestingly, the person featured in the iUmor video above is holding precisely what I made her hold in my article on Alexic Danopathy.

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