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Recently, a new candidate for Romanian presidency, Alexandru Cumpanasu, has finally undergone more media scrutiny after having had to make some candidacy-related disclosures. We look into some of the claims made by this individual (whom we strongly dislike) and track down the most likely “university” he is attending, linked below in sources.

composite of OUS Swiss Royal Academy owner at an Arab CNBC and Alexandru CumpanasuYes, this is the same Cumpanasu we first discovered (and mentioned on this blog) in the Gheorghe Dinca / CaracaRimaru affair. This article will have some Romanian content as it is probably more useful to Romanians who are not fluent in English, since most mass media has mentioned that Royal “virtual/online” Swiss university but, until this article, nobody linked to it.

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Majoriteatea link-urilor din surse demonstreaza (arata) ce sunt “fabricile de diplome”, cum sa identifici o astfel de organizatie, de ce ar fi institutia legata de Cumapanasu o astfel de “fabrica”, si investigatiile unei jurnaliste din Elvetia care par sa sugereze ca aceste institutii nu sunt inca bine “regulate” de statul elvetian si ca oricine poate deschide asa ceva in Elvetia. Intrand pe site-ul “fabricii de diplome” gasime clip-uri video cu nume “glorioase” cum ar fi CNBC dar apasand pe ele descoperim ca acestea nu sunt CNBC din USA ci versiuni din lumea araba (tot asa cum Vice din Romania sau Politico nu sunt chiar cele din State).

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I find this guy so cringey that I delayed writing about him for as long as bloggerly possible. He makes VC Tudor look like a pinnacle of civilization and etiquette. I was constantly reminded of him by events such as this Family Guy episode, where Stewie finds out that all his diplomas were fake / participatory, and discovering that in a Facebook group dedicated to my primary school, a fake account had published a crude meme with one infant whispering into another’s ear, with the caption “we’ll be safe from kidnappings once C gets elected”. Apart from how disgusting I find this individual, I sort of realize that writing about him I’m in a way helping him as much as the US mass-media helped Trump with his election campaign.

Then again, I should be fine as long as I write in English.

There’s a lot more to say here, but I fear that this article is one I could never finish – he’s committing idiocies far more often than I care to cover.

If this article could be finished, I’d end with the SouthPark song that likely instilled in him the desire to be that uncle, the uncle everyone keeps talking about.

*(*This article is unfinished – it was scheduled to appear in the hope that it will be finished before, but since this message is here and until it is removed, the article is to be considered work in progress*)*.

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