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I haven’t been able to find many movies with by Romanians or about Romanians at TIFF 19 (Toronto International Film Festival) I thought I mention them before the Festival is over.

I used to watch 20 or more movies in the festival in the past years, but lately I stopped, due to lack of time and also because the festival has become far more commercial than it used to be. I also found far more Romanian movies in the past.

The first (and, so far, only) Romanian movie I found is Porumboiu’s (it feels like I should translate his name as Cornwallis), on armchair expertise in “fotbal” or “football” or “soccer”. I’m not a “microbist” (soccer/f fan), so I’m going to let this movie slip (6.6/222).

The second is Simple Women (imdb, Q&A). It’s about the director connecting through an epileptic attack with Elina Löwensohn, a Romanian actress who had been brought to USA by her mother via a hunger strike. The movie is currently completely unrated.

I hope this makes more sense to you than it did to me.

Sources / More info: tiffn-smpwmn, tiffn-infftbl

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