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Though the premise is not original (Weird Science 1985, s1m0ne 2002, Pixel Perfect 2004, or Pygmalion, Pinocchio and Frankenstein) and this is a Hollywood, almost Disney movie to its core, the treatment is not that bad - it's actually quite refreshing. Here’s the trailer.

RubySparks-Zamo_caThere are times when a cliché can actually be chique – a welcome distraction after the waste of time that was After the Fall, Winter. And even though it’s a Hollywood movie, there’s something refreshing about it.

The romantic lead is played by the same dude (Paul Dano) who gets confused writer’s roles on account of his extreme similarity to the lead from Weird Science. We’ve seen him in Being Flynn with Robert de Niro and here we see him with Antonio Banderas. It’s almost as if the producers want to find him a mentor so they keep pimping him to setting stars.

LE: I'm not trying to say he's a bad actor, because he actually is a good one. However, he spends too much of his acting time in 'passive wonder'. His raised eyebrows make him what Alice in Wonderland would be if she wasn't something else: constant amazement.

Half of his acting abilities seems to come from his eyebrows movement. I don’t know what it is about him that’s so annoying to me – perhaps the fact that he’s a product meant to be consumed by women?

And consuming they do, for this is a based on a screenplay by Zoe Kazan, who’s also playing the lead actress. A larger budget results in a “fresher” look, the kind of look that they should’ve aimed for in ..Winter (or they aimed for and failed). Considering the subject, Zoe does a very good job telling that old story from a woman’s perspective. The feminist streak is subdued but overwhelmingly present and somehow, it’s not irritating.

She also gets to speak French, which is quite an accomplishment. In American movies French is the symbol for style and romance and not surprisingly, Americans manage to speak French as often and as well as Germans get to speak Chinese.

The movie doesn’t really end, because these two are actually together IRL.

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