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After introducing the reader to a Tutea-like blogger (but without the mandibular shaking, and as a blogger, he writes rather than talks), today I was going to continue the cycle of Alexic Danopathy, as promised. Recently, National Geographic has written at length about Trajan’s Column (research first covered a few months ago), and surprisingly, Alexic Danopathy “scholarship” and research is nowhere to be found there. There’s more to be said, but I got sidetracked by his conversation with someone he calls Tartina Lol (caba-tl). 

Lorena_Alexe_Privind_Increzatori_Spre_ViitorIn the news, stolen artifacts have resurfaced in auction houses since 1999. Furthermore, a Spanish linguist, Carme Jimenez Huertas, thinks that “Protochronists” are correct. I was then going to look into Dan Alexe’s analysis of Vasile Parvan’s “Getica” (caba-parv) and I kept procrastinating, because as silly and illogical Alexe’s lucubrations are, it still takes time to go through and debunk’em.

It makes more sense to try to understand what determines Alexe’s destructive obsession. It seems to me that he is driven by a desire to exalt his own penis (linguistic, historical and even physical).

And that is why I was so surprised to discover that both Lorena Lupu on Facebook (llfb-fngsui) and possibly in a pseudo-interview (ll-femdac), together with Marius Chivu in Dilema Veche (dv-pt), accuse Dan Alexe of “self-fellatio”. Which, let’s face it, is a performance many men attempt but few succeed – they are the bosses.

In all fairness, Marius Chivu has previously “half”-recommended Lupu’s book (dv-nurec) yet he does not seem to like Doina Rusti, the winner of a Romanian Academy prize for a book about a 14 year old prostitute (dr-lznc), even though Lupu interviewed her (tr-cbv).

LE: He (Marius Chivu) also spoke up against the perception that book publishers (or self-published authors) pay to have their books critiqued even though this is the normal and accepted practice in the West (mc-cg).

What is quite entertaining (in a tabloid manner), is the “conversation” LL and DA have on Facebook (llfb-fngsui). It is everything I don’t like about interpersonal relationships in Romania – people just being dicks to one another for no particular reason, publicly, while others crowd around and cheer (galerie). And, since a man is being badgered by a woman, this double-standard is even more entertaining to the public. It also turns out that Dan Alexe got so pathetic as to court LL (llfb-photo) – the same LL I first recommended on this blog, only to be turned off by her indiscriminate vulgarity and remarkably short fuse. alexe2ll

I find it incredible that a man of his age does not know that you cannot talk, debate or reason with someone like Lorena Lupu. She has only two modes: f u up or f u good and a propensity for negativity, so if you fall on the lower level, you can never get back on top.

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I can only recall one instance where I had to “fight” (i.e., be beaten in this manner, with no real or ethically-acceptable possibility to hit back) in this way, but I did not really have a choice and I ended it as soon as I could. He either lacks the ability to understand what is going on, he has serious issues walking away, he’s been on a very long sex-fasting or he is a masochist.

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