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I don’t have time for this any more than you do. It’s summer, it’s sunny, and I hardly have the time for my daily swim. But some bigwigs are counting precisely on our not paying attention to pass some really bad regulations.

SaveTheInternetI have a bit of a sunburn, for today I fell asleep in the sun, after not really sleeping last night. I’ve been reading some award-winning books (well, they’ve been read to me as audio books usually are). I’ve been doing some work here and there and am considering going in a cross-Canada trip. I’ve been talking to my Romanian classmates from primary school in a WhatsApp group (I thought about introducing them to Telegram or other more secure and private platforms, but why break what doesn’t need fixing?). I’ve been learning Spanish and been practicing it and German (the latter I’ve also studied in school, but never spoke) every day for almost a year, sometimes venturing out into Swedish and Norwegian. There are tons of events happening everywhere – during my last swim, I could hear the engines of Honda Indy as if I was in the middle of it.

All in all, it’s summer, and there are many demands on my time, mostly distractions. And you are probably going through the same.

Yet again, the net.neutrality monster is rearing its ugly head over your movie and TV shows “illegal” streaming and downloading.

Have you ever stopped and thought why do you have to feel guilty for consuming culture that you did not pay money for, only time? Yes, it’s illegal, but is that law just and fair? There are many arguments to be made against the current copyright and intellectual property regime, some of them tangentially touched upon, and that’s something we could go for in the comments.

Back to the fact, just like intellectual property laws appeared at the behest of powerful interests and to the detriment of the large population and especially the poor, so does net neutrality will likely be gutted soon in Europe. While EU has passed a law with good principles, it’s up to the national regulators to interpret some details and fill in the blanks.

..and what or who is in the details? That’s right, the guy Kylie Minogue was singing about. Here are the national regulators emails, just in case you’re a dual citizen like me and want to let them know, nicely, that you are concerned.

Don’t ever assume that regulators will do what’s best because that’s their job – remember #SuntColectiv and regulatory capture! Regulators need help and it never hurts to remind them what it is they should be doing.

What I’d like to know from you is – was this a good article to read?

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